EU Condemns China Over Newly-Imposed National Security Law

EU is all set to unveil new countermeasures against China over the national security law in Hong Kong.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 14, 2020

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The European Union (EU) is all set to have countermeasures against China over the newly-imposed national security law in Hong Kong. The EU and its member states will take coordinated action to respond to the country’s tightening grip on Hong Kong. Ministers of the Union have also held an in-person meeting to discuss the issue. Sources state that the European Nations have already condemned China’s National Security Law. Moreover, it is also likely to review the extradition treaty and may also nullify scholarships for Hong Kong students. China’s trade ties with EU member nations like Hungary and Greece have prevented the sanctions so far.

Finland and Germany have backed up EU’s decision of suspending Hong Kong‘s extradition treaty. France proposed EU countermeasures for the first time while Australia suspended its extradition treaty with the territory.

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