Ente Peru Soorya Ente Veedu India: 5 scenes which will make you feel proud about being an Indian

Here are #5 scenes from Allu Arjun’s movie Ente Peru Surya, Ente Veedu India specially curated for your Independence Day watch list!

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August 9, 2020


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Ente Peru Surya Ente Veedu India, tells the story of a young Indian soldier named Surya who faces court-martial during an incident. He is made to prove his worth to his seniors by consulting a psychologist to overcome his anger management issues. Featuring Allu Arjun in the lead role, the movie also stars action superstar Arjun Sarja and Sarath Kumar. The thought-provoking storyline of the movie depicts a lot of instances which are relevant in today’s times.

On India’s 73rd Independence Day, watch these #5 scenes from Ente Peru Surya, Ente Veedu India to drive the patriot inside you.

#1 Be an Indian at heart

Ente Peru Surya, Ente Veedu India, features a lot of enthralling action sequences that make us feel proud of our army. The movie is also supported by a strong script to engage the audience. On one such scene, Surya questions as a local don about his nationality, the latter provides his Aadhar card and tells Surya that he is an Indian. Surya then corrects the man and asks him to feel like an Indian at heart. This inspirational scene tells us how being an Indian is a matter of our heart rather than any other form of identity. It is something to think about on this Independence Day.

#2 A soldier’s sacrifice

In this emotional scene from Ente Peru Soorya, Ente Veedu India, Surya explains to his godfather about his pride of being an Indian soldier. He tells him about how his love for India is redeemed only by his sacrifices at the border. The story reminds us that we should feel proud of the sacrifices made by our Indian soldiers at the border for our safety.

#3 India deserves all the respect

One of the most inspiring moments in the movie comes when Surya goes to correct Anwar, a young boy who has fallen victim to extremist ideals. Instead of attacking him with his ideals, Surya calmly asks him to respect his country and hands him a flag. Anwar rushes to the top of a building to hoist the Indian flag as a sign of his respect. This scene is sure to drive the patriot inside you on this Independence Day.

#4 Be proud 

Allu Arjun’s character Surya in Ente Peru Soorya, Ente Veedu India gives us one of the best moments in the movie when he asks a goon to stop calling him a South Indian. Surya tells him that Indians are all one and that unity is the need of the hour. Watch this amazing scene from Allu Arjun on this Independence Day to feel proud about our identity as Indians.

#5 Define a soldier

In this thrilling scene from Ente Peru Surya, Ente Veedu India, Mustafa faces Gangan who comes to take over his land. Mustafa, who is an amputee from the Kargil war tells Gangan about his experience and how he defended the border when 400 people came to take control of his motherland. Gangan gets scared by the inspirational story of Mustafa who is still ready for a fight for his country. Let’s all be like Mustafa on this Independence Day and fight for our country.

Which was your favourite moment from Allu Arjun’s Malayalam movie Ente Peru Surya, Ente Veedu India? Tell us in the comments below!

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