England, Scotland, And Northern Ireland Record Zero New COVID-19 Fatalities Since July 2020

COVID-19 restrictions to reduce from May 17 in the UK, says Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

The entire world has endured the absolute devastation of the coronavirus with innumerable fatalities having taken place. While some countries continue to fight the battle against COVID-19, some are slowly getting on their way to recovery. England, Scotland and Northern Ireland have now recorded zero COVID-19 fatalities for the first time ever since July of 2020. Queen Elizabeth II announced plans of recovering from the damage that the lockdowns did to the economy.

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While England, Scotland and Northern Ireland recorded zero COVID-19 deaths for the first time since July last year, Wales saw 4 new COVID-19 deaths. The infection of the coronavirus has taken over one lakh twenty-seven thousand lives in the United Kingdom. According to experts, the recent numbers recorded in the UK indicate that the lockdowns and vaccinations played the biggest role in the containment of the spread of the virus. During one of her speeches recently, the agenda of bouncing back from the economic damage, done by a year of lockdowns, was declared by Queen Elizabeth II.

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The Queen said that it was her government’s primary objective to provide a national recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. She stated that to do so, the government will develop opportunities all across the UK such as supporting jobs, businesses, and economic growth. She added that they would also address the impact that the pandemic had on public services while continuing the vaccination roll-out plan to ensure people’s health. UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson also announced that the alert level can now be reduced with May 17 marking the easing of restrictions

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