Engineering Students Set Up Automated Hand Sanitiser Machine At SSLC Exam Centres

The engineering students have set up a sanitiser machine that works with the help of a sensor and dispenses it in the form of mist.

The COVID-19 crisis refuses to subside, compelling people to risk their lives and get on, at least partially, with their daily activities. Among such people are the students of the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board who have to appear for important exams. Seeing them braving the pandemic to appear for their exams, three engineering students from Shivamogga have come up with a unique solution.

Their idea for the safe functioning of exams is installing an automatic hand sanitiser dispenser that does not require any kind of touch. This is the Automatic Mist Hand Sanitiser machine that has been installed at SSLC exam centres, which are, of course, also following strict social distancing norms as well as making masks compulsory for all students. The machine works with the help of a sensor that detects when a hand is held beneath it and dispenses the sanitizer in the form of mist.

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