SHOCKING: Elderly Man Drowns In Front Of Son In Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

Efforts are underway to recover the victim’s body

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July 13, 2020

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A tragic incident occurred in Rampur in Uttar Pradesh where an elderly man, who was herding his goats, drowned in the Kosi river. The whole incident was witnessed by his son, who cried for help but the old man couldn’t be saved. The Police have said that the victim’s dead body is yet to be recovered. The river’s strong flow is making the job of locating the body difficult. It’s being said that the man entered the river to save a goat that had wandered into the water.

Arun Kumar Singh, Assistant Superintendent of Police of the area, said, “The man’s name was Chhatar Singh and his age was 55. He was staying in Kasba, Maswasi, and was a goat herder. It has been found that his son was with him during the incident. A goat was drowning in the river, so he got into the water to save it and drowned in front of his son’s eyes. A lot of effort was put in, but the dead body is yet to be found.”

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