Ek Jhooti Love Story Explores Lives Of Middle Class Families With A Pinch Of Catfishing

The ZEE5 original series Ek Jhooti Love Story has managed to showcase real lives of Pakistani families. It shows the bitter-sweet relation of Salma and Sohail.

Isha Khatu

November 6, 2020

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Ek Jhooti Love Story has already premiered on ZEE5 and has managed to win hearts. The plot revolves around the lives of Salma and Sohail who happen to be neighbours but are also catfishing each other. Here is what we think about the ZEE5 original series of Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam.

Ek Jhooti Love Story is a bitter-sweet story of two families in the world of social media

The story is set in recent times in Pakistan which mainly focuses on the lead characters Sohail and Salma portrayed by Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam. It also showcases the light-hearted relationships between all the characters. What we loved most about the series is that it showcases real issues in middle-class families. Boe Zafar playing the mother of Salma has shown how a real mother would get worried about her children’s weddings. Even though she is shown as a cribby mother, her love for her children and stress for their future was clearly visible. It showcases how families in Pakistan are obsessed with weddings in real.

Image source: Still from Ek Jhooti Love story

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Since it is set in recent times, Sohail and Salma like any other young adults dream of having an ideal partner and a lavish life. They manage to catfish each other unknowingly and fall in love with the fake identities of Natalia and Nofil. The story unfolds when Bilal’s friend Nofil and Salma’s friend Natalia get engaged in real life. It breaks their heart and the Salma and Sohail end up getting married as their folks set them up. In the end, they realise that they were each other’s ideal match all this time.

Image source: Still from Ek Jhooti Love story

The show also throws light on toxic masculinity and patriarchy. Shazia, Salma’s elder sister is later shown as a feminist and an activist who becomes popular amongst the masses. Although she receives love from the people around, her marriage proposals keep getting rejected because of her sturdy behaviour. And her eldest sister Shabana wishes to study more and do her PhD. It highlights the lives of women around age-old traditions and stereotypes.  The show focuses on women empowerment giving out a positive message in society.

Image source: Still from Ek Jhooti Love story

Apart from the storyline and concept, the dialogues are extremely spunky and hilarious. Some of the dialogues are extremely hurtful which showcase the harsh realities of the two families. The Ek Jhooti Love Story cast has given a stellar performance with each one portraying their own nuances. The actors Fawad Khan, Boe Zafar, Kiran Haq, Hina Bayaat, Mariam Saleem and Mohammed Ahmed as supporting roles have managed to bring the spice to the show. However, the show is a bit slow in the beginning but gets better in the middle.

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