Ek Jhooti Love Story: 5 Times Sohail Showed Us How To Never Settle For Anything Other Than An Ideal Partner

Ek Jhooti Love Story revolves around Sohail and Salma and their catfishing love story. Read below how Sohail found his ideal partner and did not settle for less.

Isha Khatu

November 9, 2020

Web Series

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Ek Jhooti Love Story is a ZEE5 original series that has already gathered a huge viewership. Ek Jhooti Love Story cast includes Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam in the lead roles of Sohail and Salma. Sohail is always in search of his ideal partner and thus never fell in love before making his fake id. Here are 5 times Sohail showed us how he would never settle for anything other than an ideal partner. (spoilers ahead)

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Sohail never fell in love with anyone before making a fake ID

Before making his fake ID, Sohail was busy working hard for his family. His entire life till then was spent taking care of his mother and his sisters. He wanted to fall in love with a beautiful girl who would understand him and accept him for his financial conditions. He showed how one should wait and focus on their career and family until they find someone ideal for themselves.

He keeps talking to his ideal partner Natalia

Sohail always wanted Natalia to fall in love with him. He considered her to be his ‘ideal’ partner and wanted to build a good life with her. And even though he knew Natalia was talking to his fake Nofil, he did not give up. He knew he wanted to be with her and thus tried as much as he could even though they had never met in person.

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He rejects Salma before their wedding

Sohail’s mother wanted him to marry Salma who was their neighbour’s youngest daughter. Sohail and Salma were always annoyed by each other and thus rejected each other. Sohail was heartbroken as the real Natalia was engaged to real Nofil. He felt that Natalia did not love him but Nofil as he spoke to her through that ID. He didn’t want to settle for anyone that his mother wanted him to. He had his own dreams and expectations from his partner which he thought would get shattered if he married Salma.

He gets married to Salma as he realises Natalia was not his ideal partner

Source: Still from Ek Jhooti Love Story

Salma and Sohail eventually get married even though the two are extremely heartbroken. Sohail realises Natalia was never his ideal partner. She would never understand him or fall for him if she came to know what the truth is. As everybody in his family thinks that Salma would be his ideal match, he gives up on his dreams of getting married to Natalia. He starts feeling that he could build a perfect life by settling for Salma too.

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He realises that Salma was his ideal match all this while

He slowly starts falling for Salma even though he tries to deny it. He starts missing her when she leaves the house and he files a divorce. When she confesses to him about her fake id, they realise that all this while they have been talking to each other and love each other. He thus does not give up on their wedding as he does not want to settle for anything other than his ideal partner who turns out to be Salma.

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