#EggFlipChallenge: Don’t Miss These Exciting Videos From Celebs and Fans On HiPi!

From celebs like Anjum Fakih, Pritam Singh, Navdeesh Arora, Jash to their fans, many have already taken the leap to HiPi.


August 29, 2020


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As we know, the government recently banned 59 Chinese applications, including the most trending social media app, TikTok. Well, don’t fret as ZEE5, one of the most popular streaming service in India, has launched an alternative called HiPi. Yes, you absolutely read that right! Now users/ creators will be able to access HiPi, create short videos and become famous in no time.

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Yes, you can now be India’s next superstar! So, all you content creators can now turn to one of the best video editing and video maker apps, HiPi, to showcase your talent as this will be your shot at stardom. Well, ZEE5 has launched the Beta rollout of HiPi on August 14, 2020, however, a full-fledged release with iOS version will be done in the coming weeks.

From celebs like Anjum Fakih, Pritam Singh, Navdeesh Arora, Jash to their fans, many have already taken the leap to HiPi. Currently, the #EggFlipChallenge is trending on the internet. So, let’s take a look at these #EggFlipChallenge videos created by the HiPiStars and HiPiz.

Take a look!

Anjum Fakih

Anjum Fakih, who has appeared in shows MTV’s Chat House, Time Quake, and Tere Sheher Mein, is on her journey to stardom with HiPi. The actress, who is currently seen in the popular show Kundali Bhagya, made a decent attempt at the #EggFlipChallenge.

Pritam Singh

Can you flip an egg? No, then you definitely got to take lessons from Pritam Singh, who will teach you how to flip eggs at home like a pro. What do you say?

Navdeesh Arora

Navdeesh Arora is an emerging talent in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Navdeesh too took to HiPi to take up the #EggFlipChallenge and failed terribly. Only half of his omelette managed to survive during the flip. Could you do it better than Navdeesh?


Here’s another celebrity who took to social media to share one of his rare talents. Jash, in this video, can be seen flipping an omelette like a pro.

And here are a couple of HiPiz, who have taken the #EggFlipChallenge, and you really can’t afford to miss them as some are hilarious.

Check it out!


This one not only took up the challenge of flipping an omelette but also nailed it. Won’t you agree with me?

From fashion, makeup to beauty, food, and many more HiPits, you now have myriads of options to choose to make a unique video that will grab eyeballs. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

For the uninitiated, HiPi isn’t a separate app but has been incorporated inside of the ZEE5 app. So, you can now enjoy your favourite shows, latest movies, and HiPi app, among others, all under the same ZEE5 subscription plan. Stay tuned to this space for more updates on HiPi.

Also, if you love watching Tamil movies, you can also check out Anushka Shetty’s Bhaagamathie, currently streaming on ZEE5.

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