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Eduauraa: Here’s how your child can benefit from video-based learning education and e-books!

Tom Francis

September 21, 2020

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Welcome the future of online education with Eduauraa and ZEE5!

Having trouble finding the right curriculum plan for your child’s syllabus? Facing issues with mentorship during the pandemic? All your prayers for a better solution for your kid’s online learning have just been answered! ZEE5 has announced its partnership with the premium digital learning platform, Eduauraa.  For those who are new to Eduauraa, the platform is a leader in premium digital education with a library of interactive learning content videos, E-books, mind maps and papers in both Hindi and English languages.

To know more about Eduauraa, take a glimpse at this video:

Wondering how your child can benefit from Eduauraa’s premium services? Here are some of the key benefits of video-based learning education and e-books from Eduaura:

Personalised E-Learning

E-learning and video-based content learning is the new way to go with the global pandemic in the picture. Eduauraa delivers video lectures using interactive and innovative methods that explain each concept and topic in depth. It uses 2D and 3D animations with the best teachers in the industry to deliver a premium learning experience for your child.

Better learning and evaluation methods

With several interactive methods like pictures and animations, learning not only becomes easier but also makes your little ones a step ahead from the rest. Eduauraa incorporates teaching from professionals with years of experience in the field to better facilitate learning and evaluation. The personalized exercise modules from Eduauraa at the end of each video also helps your child understand concepts better.

Better convenience

Eduauraa also incorporates the first of its kind facility of an inbuilt assistant to help your child perform better. EA or the Eduauraa assistant works to help you schedule learning milestones. Learners can schedule their study of a learning video for a future date or time with this feature. EA helps a learner to choose a desired date and time for the study which also helps the parents to plan their work dates better to guide their kids.

High quality in education and service

With more than 7000 videos, 3000 E-books and 200 mentors Eduauraa is premium digital learning guaranteed. With specialized features like personal assistance, better mentorship and many more, Eduauraa is the leader in premium online education.

Quality mentorship at your fingertip

Unlike traditional school learning, your child doesn’t need to struggle or skip topics that are challenging. Eduauraa’s personalized mentorship feature provides the right mentor for one-on-one study. Students can book live online sessions with his choice of Mentor according to their calendar and mentor’s availability.

Are you ready to start your premium digital learning journey with Eduauraa? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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