Easy Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy If You Colour Them Often Like Swastika Mukherjee

Wonder how The Lovely Mrs. Mookherjee star maintains her hair? Details inside.

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December 26, 2019


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We are sure that every Bengali movie fan knows about Swastika Mukherjee. Be it choosing out-of-the-box characters to portray on-screen or experimenting with new styles, The Lovely Mrs. Mookherjee star is known for her unique choices. Right from the time she debuted, Swastika has sported various unconventional looks for her films and otherwise. Watch her in the ZEE5 Original series here:

Right now, she has coloured half of her hair blonde, a colour that clearly goes with her bold persona. While it’s great to try out new hair colours like Swastika, it is very important to know how to maintain the texture of your hair, so that they remain healthy. Here are some tips you need to know, in order to keep your hair in great condition:

Avoid over-brushing: While brushing once a day is considered as a good practice for maintaining your hair, over-brushing may not be a good option. Doing the same can cause your hair to over-stretch and break.

Say no to hot showers: A hot shower may sound amazing, but note that hot water is not a good friend of coloured hair. It washes out your colour faster and dries it out soon.

Deep condition is a must: One of the most healthy hair tips suggested by both dermatologists and hair stylists, is to deep conditioning your hair. Make this a part of your hair routine and try it every week. Do this along with applying oil to your hair, as doing this strengthens them and protects your hair from damage.

Go natural: Despite safety being the main concern for many hair-care brands, it is better for you to let your hair relax for a while. Try and stick to as many organic hair products as you can.

Eat right: Your diet has a direct influence on the texture of your hair. Protein and iron are two key nutrients that your hair needs. Make sure you eat right and stay away from fried and fattening foods.

These five tips can help you in maintaining your hair. If you follow these, you may then be able to try out as many different hair colours as possible, just like Swastika.

Watch more of Swastika in Ebar Shobor on ZEE5.

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