Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson hunted in Red Notice

Dwayne ‘Rock’ Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds’ movie Red Notice trailer is out


September 4, 2021


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Think of Dwayne Johnson as a ‘Rock’ and you would have imagined him right, ‘Red Notice’- his upcoming film will unravel a hunt for international art thieves across some of the great locations in the world.

The film will release on OTT in November 2021. ‘Red Notice’ is about a chase to bring two art thieves under Red Notice assigned to the FBI top sleuth John Hartley (Dwayne) The trailer “I’ve been tracking your scores for a while now,” which is his signature dialogue in this film.

The trailer of Red Notice which is now out shows the two other lead characters played by Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. Taking to Instagram The Rock share the trailer and captioned it, “The game changer It all starts with a #REDNOTICE for the two greatest art thieves in the world. Hunted down by the FBI’s top profiler. Three people who are the best at what they do. And the greatest conman the world has never seen…… @gal_gadot, @vancityreynolds and I are bringing you @Netflix’s biggest film ever on NOVEMBER 12th. Written & Directed by @RawsonThurber Time to raise the streaming bar. #REDNOTICE”.

In the pursuit of the elusive Sarah Black (Gal Gadot) the international art thief, our man Hartley meets con-artist Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) and makes a deal with him. The deal made with him gives dividends to Hartley to come face to face with the lovely, sexy, and extremely lethal Sarah Black.

She becomes a formidable challenge to both of them as she dupes them and overpowers them with her wit and art of combat. Hartley’s Man Friday Nolan Booth has ulterior motives too and masks his affiliation with his collaborator with some wisecracks and dubious methods to mislead Hartley.

We do not know how in the end both men got into prison, the trailer ends there. The trailer is also embellished with some of the top scenes in the film like car chases, helicopter stunts, speedboats and railroads, and some exotic locations including Chateaux, castles, museums, and artifacts.

One may feel a slight sense of ‘Deja Vu’ but it is not a major thing. The trailer promises a good fare, but so did Dwayne’s other movie – San Andreas’. But the end always is happy in his movies so, nothing wrong with feeling good about it.

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