Dussehra Special: 5-Min Sathu Pindi Recipes To Add Traditional Goodness To Your Day

The metro lives wait for none. But hey, you don’t need hours to add some traditional goodness to your Vijayadashmi celebration, just a few minutes

Sneha Bale

September 26, 2019


4 min


For years, we have been listening to legends, stories and importance of the Vijayadashmi festival – the celebration of good over evil. We’re sure you remember the good old days when our dear mother would whip up multiple dishes for the festival with ease. But in today’s day and age, it isn’t all that simple. For the busy and caught up ladies wanting to make something that would not cost them a day off from work, we got you covered. If you’ve got some more time, check out how to make Sathu Pindi Ladoos here.

For some light-hearted entertainment, watch Nannu Dochukundavate here:

Sathu Pindi is essentially a dessert made especially on Vijayadashmi and is devoted to the Goddess Durga. Many Telugu households, go the extra mile to ensure everything during the ten days of Navaratri are smoothly and in line with the Goddess’ likes. This is probably the only festival where you can ditch the stereotypical desserts and opt for something that’s tasty and healthy. Here are five ways to make Sathu Pindi that would barely take your time.

1. Rice Sathu Pindi: Take a frying pan and add some rice kernels to it. Roast them extremely light and then add some fresh ghee to the rice. Now, make sure the rice kernels are roasted well and brown. Take it off it the stove and let it cool. Now, add the rice kernels to a mixer-grinder and grind until it forms a soft powder. Once done, take some jaggery and heat it to achieve a liquid consistency. Add this liquid jaggery to your rice powder and mix it well with your fingers. It’ll harden a little and give you the perfect Sathu Pindi consistency.

2. Moong Dal Sathu Pindi: Take a frying pan and add some moong dal to it. Make sure to not roast it too much. Add some fresh ghee to the pan let it roast entirely. Take it off it the stove and let it cool. Now, add the roasted moong dal to a mixer-grinder and grind it. After a few spins, add some sugar or castor sugar to it and grind for a few more seconds. And it’s done.

Sathu pindi
Sathu Pindi (Source: YouTube)

3. Peanut Sathu Pindi: Roast some peanuts in a cast iron vessel. Once they are slightly roasted, take them out in a flat plate and rub a glass over them – to get rid of its cover and to break into chunks. Pour the roasted peanut chunks into a mixer-grinder, add some sugar (depending on how sweet you would like) and grind it into a coarse mixture. Voila!

4. Sesame Sathu Pindi: Similar to the peanut recipe – roast the sesame seeds in a cast iron vessel, until they’re properly roasted. Add them to the mixer-grinder with equal amounts of sugar (or lesser, if you will) and give it a good grind. This soft mixture is all set to be hogged on.

So, let’s get going, ladies! Be sure to let us know how your Sathu Pindi tasted in the comments below. For some wholesome entertainment, find your pick from the best films of the year on ZEE5.

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