Don’t Want To Be On A Platform That Houses Hatred: Tula Pahate Re Actor Subodh Bhave Clears The Air About Going Off Twitter

The Tula Pahate Re actor revealed why he was forced to delete his Twitter account in a recent live interactive session. Read on to know more!

Kedar Koli

October 1, 2020


4 min


Amongst the very few actors in the industry who have been blatant about their opinions on social media is Subodh Bhave. The versatile actor is known for his acting brilliance in films like Pushpak Vimaan, Kiran Kulkarni Vs Kiran Kulkarni, Katyar Kaljat Ghusali, and many more. Aside from being a blessed actor, Subodh has been pretty vocal in the public domain and has used it to his advantage to interact with his fans. His active social media presence got him the recognition of people from all spheres of life. Of late, the actor had been receiving flak on his social media profiles forcing Subodh to leave the public domain. Subodh announced that he is quitting Twitter but didn’t specify the reason for its deletion. The actor finally opened up about his decision to go off Twitter in a recent live chat with his fans.

Watch an episode of his show Tula Pahate Re here.

Before deleting his Twitter account, Subodh had thanked his followers for their support but didn’t disclose the reason behind it. During a live interactive session, Subodh cleared the air about the said decision and revealed why he took this step. Subodh shared, “I have immense respect for social media. I don’t deny the power of the platform as I have used it to promote my films. It has also helped me keep my fans updated about my work and current projects. I have been able to interact with my audience and have got their feedback on a regular basis. I have always taken both the positive and negative comments with regards to my work, constructively. However, Twitter has now become a place for mudslinging and hatred. I have seen my friends from Marathi industry getting affected by the negativity on the platform. Extremely disrespectful remarks are being made for Marathi artists. So, I don’t want to be on a platform that doesn’t give me good energy.”

Source: Instagram

This has come in light of the mudslinging campaign on Bollywood after the alleged case of suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. Several big guns of the industry have been targeted on social media and publicly shamed. Subodh also seems to have become a target of online trolls which led him to delete Twitter. That being said, the Tula Pahate Re actor has promised to use other social networking sites to stay in touch with his fans and keep them updated about his personal and professional life.

The actor had tested positive for Coronavirus but has now fully recovered and is back to business. He’s currently shooting for a couple of projects which will be seen on TV starting from this month.

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