Don’t Miss This Funny Behind-The-Scenes Video From The Set Of Zee Yuva’s Doctor Don!

Anurag Worlikar takes us through yet another behind-the-scenes video which is visually appealing and appetising too! Watch it inside.

Ankita Tiwari

September 9, 2020


2 min


Zee Yuva show Doctor Don starring Devdatta Nage and Shweta Shinde is a romantic comedy based in a medical college. Monica is the dean of the college and is Kabir’s mother, but she wants to keep her relationship with her son a secret. On the other hand, Kabir’s friend and his crush, Radha is Deva’s daughter but this too is a secret! Radha is annoyed that her father earns by threatening and murdering people as he is a don and she breaks all ties with him. This is what brings Deva to the college, his will to stay closer to his daughter. But slowly a deep affection grows between Deva and his darling Dean. Will they get married? Only time will tell that. But meanwhile, Deva is enjoying this phase of friendship.

Watch the latest episode below.

Devdatta Nage, Anurag Worlikar, Pradnya Chavande, and the rest of the cast got extremely hungry after a long day of the shoot and they decided to make a snack for themselves. The fish curry required a lot of chopped onion, tomatoes, and more. Watch the video below to see how they managed to procure this tasty dish!

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