Donga: These scenes from the Jyothika and Karthi starrer will make you stop and stare!

We’ve handpicked a few scenes from Jeethu Joseph’s Donga, starring Jyothika and Karthi, that will make you sit back and stare at what just happened.

Sneha Bale

August 20, 2020


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Jeethu Joseph’s 2019 drama film titled Thambi is now available to us in Telugu, as Donga on ZEE5. Starring Jyothika and Karthi in the lead, the film is adorned with talented actors like Sathyaraj, Nikhila Varma, Anson Paul, Janaki, and others. The film manages to keep its audiences hooked, for over two hours, with a new twist one after the other. If you have watched the film, here are some scenes that engulfed us entirely. And if you haven’t, these scenes will make you intrigued to watch it.

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In the first few minutes of the film, we meet a hippy man named Vicky, living in Goa. He justifies his weird personality with his weird ideas. We haven’t seen someone beat up friends in the middle of a road, only to earn some extra money. But that’s who Vicky is.

Sarva and his men in Donga
Sarva and his men in Donga (Source: ZEE5)

It is said that kids are the purest in their intentions and assumptions. Parvathi’s notorious student warns her without any inhibition when he finds something fishy with the newly arrived member, called Sarva. Parvathi dusts his warning off with a smile, but we hope she didn’t.

Parvathi with her student in Donga
Parvathi with her student in Donga (Source: ZEE5)

Although this child has little do with the main plot, he definitely adds some elements of humour to the film. Watching a young kid give warnings to an MLA in front of his family is quite a joy to watch.

Ashwanth in Donga
Ashwanth in Donga (Source: ZEE5)

The first bomb drops upon us when the so-called Sarva meets up with the inspector alone. The inspector is the one to introduce Vicky as Sarva to his family. But now, we realise that the introduction was a mere plan meant to make money.

Sarva with the inspector in Donga
Sarva with the inspector in Donga (Source: ZEE5)

Soon after that, the Parvathi’s father meets with the same inspector and their conversation really got us worried. Why would any father try to do something so grave? Was Parvathi’s wedding the only thing on his mind? Little did we know!

MLA with the inspector in Donga
MLA with the inspector in Donga (Source: ZEE5)

For the longest time, Sarva and Parvathi’s grandmother seemed to be our beacon of hope. We believed she would find a way to let the world know that Sarva was a fraud, not their heir. But just when Parvathi was about to find out the truth, she played a card to buy Sarva some time to save himself. Why?!

Bhamma with the inspector in Donga
Bhamma with the inspector in Donga (Source: ZEE5)

We’ve saved the final moment of truth for you to unravel. Because it would be wrong to take away the suspense. So, watch the full film to witness this amazing drama on ZEE5. If this is what keeps you hooked, watch Satyadev Kancharana starrer 47 Days for some more drama!

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