Donald Trump, Melania Trump Test Positive For Coronavirus

With just a month to go for the US 2020 Elections, Trump’s testing positive for COVID19 could hamper his campaigning for the next 14 days at least

Raghav N

October 2, 2020

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In a major setback just ahead of the 2020 elections for United States President Donald Trump, both him and his wife Melania Trump tested positive for Coronavirus today. He announced the news through a tweet, saying that they will immediately start their quarantine and recovery process and overcome the crisis together. Trump, who may in all probability be asymptomatic, is believed to have contracted the infection from his advisor who tested positive recently.

The timing of this development is expected to hurt the president’s electoral campaign for the November elections as he will be in isolation for at least two weeks. This also leads to speculations on whether Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden will also quarantine himself, since he met Trump just two days ago during the first round of a face to face debate.

With 13 days to go for the next face-off between Biden and the current president on 15 October, the next course of action will have to be determined soon.

While the Democrats have endorsed mask-wearing to contain the pandemic and embraced the virtual campaigning route at various junctures, Trump’s casual stance on the same till now may put him in a spot. He has held large public rallies, flouting social distancing norms and not taken the COVID19 situation seriously, despite several warnings from the country’s health bodies.

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