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Dol Jatra 2021: Bored of the classic badam sharbat? Here are 5 easy mocktail ideas for the day

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

March 21, 2021

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Celebrating Dol with your loved ones and looking for unique cold drink ideas for the occasion? We have got you covered with these mouth-watering and cooling drink recipes!

Holi is known for always coming around right at the beginning of the hot summer months in India. And having a gala time with your loved ones during the Dol Jatra celebrations and festivities is simply the best. So we are bringing you five unique and innovative sharbat ideas from Rannaghar for you to take nice big gulps throughout the day, along with your friends and family this Dol.

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1. Chattu Sharbat

Making Chattu Sharbat is way too easy for you to not know its recipe, but this one has a small and sweet twist. Pour in sugarcane juice into a mixer and add chattu, aakher gud, Gandharaj lemon juice, black salt, and Gandharaj lemon zest. Blend it all together in the mixer and serve it in glasses with kesar and lemon slices. Add ice cubes and decorate with tiny umbrellas.

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2. Pudinar Sharbat

Blend together mint leaves paste, coriander leaves paste, black salt, powdered bhaja jowan, salt, lemon juice, salt, and sugar in a mixer. Add some water to it and blend again. Serve it with garnishing of mint leaves for a yummy cold drink on Dol.

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3. Aam Porar Sharbat

To prepare Aam Porar Sharbat, add the pre-burned raw mango pulp, sugar syrup, chaat masala, salt, and black salt into a mixer and blend it all together. Add water to it and blend it again. Then pour it out into glasses, decorate it with sliced raw mango pieces and add some chaat masala on the top for garnishing to serve.

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4. Baeler Sharbat

Add the ripe bael paste, curd, sugar syrup, chaat masala, salt, ice cubes, and salt in a mixer. Blend it all together in the mixer and pour into glasses with decorative umbrellas for a fun and cool drink on a hot day. Do not forget to add ice cubes for a chiller experience!

5. Doi Tormujer Sharbat

To make the delectable and interesting Doi Tormujer Sharbat, you will need to blend together in a mixer these items – curd, mint leaves paste, salt, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and chaat masala. Further, you will need to add pre-made watermelon juice to the mix and blend it all again. Add sugar cubes to the glasses and serve the all-time yummy Doi Tormujer Sharbat and relish it with your loved ones!

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