Does Your Favourite Scene From Muddha Mandaram Make It To The Top 5 Trending Scenes? Find Out

There are plenty of scenes and moments from Muddha Mandaram that have been forever etched in our memory. Does your favourite make it to the list? Let’s find out.

Sneha Bale

August 7, 2020


3 min


Every time the Ghattammaneni family came together in Muddha Mandaram, we would have a gala evening. People laughed with them and shared their sorrow. Although the show is now over, we still relive the memories they have left us with. After all, we spent every evening with them for five years. Today, we decided to take a look at the top five scenes from Muddha Mandaram that continue to be on the trending charts even today.

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1. Shekar Saves Parvathi

Parvathi always proved herself to be a strong and independent woman. At one point, she fell into a trap set for her by Neelambari but still managed to rescue herself without help. Finally, her brother-like friend, Shekar, found Parvathi banging the trunk of a car. When he set her free, Parvathi refused to wallow in the misery she had been through. Instead, she decided to work towards saving her mother-in-law, Akhilandeswari.

2. Akhilandeswari Refuses To Bow Down To Chamundeswari

Akhilandeswari is yet another strong-headed woman who inspires us to be our own person. When Chamundeshwari tried to take over Akhilandeswari’s legacy, she looked at her in the eyes and refused to bow down. The pressure that Chamundeswari put her through might have broken anyone down, but not Akhila.

3. Parvathi Confesses Her Love For Deva

We all remember the tragic events that led Parvathi to forget her beautiful past. However, Deva did not leave her aside even as she struggled to find her own identity. And just as fate would have it, Parvathi fell in love once again with the man she was always destined to be with.

4. Deva Reminisces His Past With Parvathi


Deva continued to relive the good times long before Parvathi could look at him, after forgetting her past. His habit of jotting down noteworthy moments started making sense to him more than ever, when memories were the only place that felt like home.

5. Parvathi Finds A Way To Kick Neelambari Out Of The House

One may argue that Parvathi spent more time shedding tears than laughing her heart out. Well, we cannot take away the fact that she was an emotional person. But what we must agree on is that Parvathi was always fierce in her moves. When Chamundeswari tried to wreak havoc in the Ghattammaneni house, it was Parvathi who took the baton in her hands and set things straight once again in Akhila’s absence.

Did you find your favourite scene on the list? Let us know in the comments section below. Watch all the episodes of Muddha Mandaram on ZEE5, and read about it here.

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