Doctors Brutally Thrash A Young Patient, Video Goes Viral; Watch

In a viral video, a bunch of doctors thrash a young man in the emergency ward of a hospital in Madhya Pradesh. Watch the video.

Jiya Chulet

December 29, 2020

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The internet has long become a part of our daily life. Just think how crazy it would have sounded a few decades back that it will take only a few seconds to know what is happening around the world. Our media feeds often show us some of the most adorable and cute videos. However, the internet also displays the harsh reality. From humans abusing street animals to the street fights; we often witness the lows of humankind. Being one such, another viral video is trending on the internet. Although we can’t say how legitimate the viral video is, it appears to be extremely inhuman.

Recently, a video went viral on the internet, in which a couple of doctors were seen thrashing a young patient. Yes! you read it right. Doctors, who are considered as God’s in India, were beating a young patient. We are talking about the above video. It is said that that this incident happened in Madhya Pradesh‘s hospital. As the video starts, we can see a young man standing near the door. He is, presumably inquiring about something, when a doctor lost his patience and pushed him out of his way. After pushing the young man, the man in a white coat, along with his fellow colleague started thrashing him.

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Later, two more men in the white coat, who are presumably doctors, join them and keep beating the young man. As the video progresses, a woman comes for the rescue and pushes the alleged doctors behind. The young lady also scolds them while asking them if they are really doctors. She stands by the side of the young man and claps back at the doctors’ argument. As the video came to its end, she was heard asking them how they touched the young man. On the other hand, it is said that the video is from the emergency ward of a hospital in Madhya Pradesh. In the video, we can see that as soon as the lady started screaming on the doctors for thrashing the young man, the crowd started gathering there.

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