Doctor Don Promo: Satya Pushes Deva To Declare His Love For Monica

Satya instigates Deva as he wants his friend to spill the beans. And now Deva has finally declared his love for his teacher Monica!

Ankita Tiwari

August 12, 2020


2 min


Zee Yuva serial Doctor Don starring Devdatta Nage and Shweta Shinde in the lead is a romantic comedy. The show also explores the bond of parents with their children. In the current sequence of the show, we are witnessing the hatred that Radha has for Deva (her father). She tries to spoil Deva’s image by declaring his older profession of a don in front of the girl he is about to marry. We also see how Deva finds this amusing instead of being angry. Is it because he is in love with Radha’s teacher Dr Monica? This is clearly visible in today’s promo!

Watch the previous episode of Doctor Don here.

After Deva rejects many prospective brides, his friend Satya questions him. They are sitting together, and Satya loses control over his tongue, due to which he throws the question asking Deva if he likes Monica! In the previous episode, we had also seen that Akka had asked Deva to promise her that he would never meet Monica but he has not kept the promise. And today, we will see how Deva declares that Monica is his one true love!

But now that Deva has declared his love in front of his friend, will he be able to do so in front of Dolly Bai? Stay tuned to find out!

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