Doctor Don Promo: Radha Reveals Her Secret To Kabir

Devdatta Nage and Shweta Shinde’s romantic drama is headed for a twist! Read on to find out what is going to make Deva’s life difficult.

Ankita Tiwari

August 31, 2020


2 min


In the latest episodes of Zee Yuva’s Doctor Don starring Devdatta Nage and Shweta Shinde, we have come across an amazing twist! No, we are not talking about Mogra and Deva aka Jhendu’s love story. Deva’s daughter Radha is trying to make her father’s life as horrible as he made hers. Deva was a don who hurt people and when his daughter Radha came to know about this, she decided to sever all ties with her father. Deva loves his daughter and he followed her to her college so that she will be in the range of his eyes. But at the college, Deva fell for Radha’s professor Dr Monica.

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Deva’s love for Monica made him go crazy and he ended up following her everywhere forgetting about his mission of getting closer to Radha. Now, Radha is extremely angry. She even broke up Deva’s to-be marriage. But all of this gets sidetracked when Radha celebrates her birthday. On her birthday, Kabir gives Radha a surprise and decorates the place. He also bakes a cake and asks everyone to join them. He then gifts her something unusual.

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Kabir gives Radha a letter from her mother. But Radha breaks down when she sees it is not from her mother but her dad. She tells Kabir the story of her father who is a gangster and who broke her heart. This infuriates Kabir and he loses his cool. Kabir tells Deva that he will never forgive Radha’s father who hurt her.

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