Doctor Don: Deva Is Getting Ready To Propose To Monica, What Will Be The Result?

Deva is prepared to marry Monica, he has even written a love declaration letter. But is Monica ready to listen to it?

Ankita Tiwari

September 4, 2020


2 min


Zee Yuva’s romantic comedy show Doctor Don is a tale of romance between two middle-aged parents who are both hiding secrets. While Devdatta Nage’s character Deva is the father of Radha, Shweta Shinde, who plays the role of Dean Monica is Kabir’s mother! It is a comedy of errors that makes both of them fall for each other. Deva has finally mustered enough courage to propose Monica. He has also taken suggestions from his friends and sprayed himself with an entire bottle of perfume! But will this perfumed man be enough for Monica to say yes, or is she looking for something more?

Watch an episode of the show Doctor Don here.

In recent episodes, we have seen how Deva’s love for Monica made his friends spin a plan. They introduced Mogra as Deva’s lover and this escalated Deva and Monica’s romance. Her acceptance of love sparked courage in Deva’s heart and he is ready to declare to the world that he loves Monica!

But will Monica accept Deva’s love? Vote in the poll below and see if your opinion is correct!

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