Do You Know How Many Kids Auditioned For The Role Of Bal Krishna Before Nirnay Bagged It?

The makers of And TV’s Paramavtar Shri Krishna auditioned many kids. Can you guess the number?

Ashutosh Oak

November 29, 2019


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Cute little wonder boy Nirnay Samadhiya needs no introduction. He is someone who has captivated the hearts of viewers within a short span of time. And the credit for it goes to his brilliant portrayal of Bal Krishna in And TV’s popular mythological show Paramavatar Shri Krishna. Now, when it comes to playing the bal roop of lord Shri Krishna, it is definitely a chance of a lifetime for any actor to perform.

Have a look at his performance on the show:

Ever since his entry as Bal Krishna, we simply can’t imagine anyone else other than Nirnay to bring it alive on screen. But, not many would be aware of this fact that Nirnay was selected to play the titular part after almost 200 kids were auditioned from all over the country. Yes! You read that right.

Alind Srivastava, the producer (Peninsula Pictures) of Paramavatar Shri Krishna revealed about this in one of his interviews. He said, “For the role of Little Krishna, we auditioned over 200 kids from all over the country. When Nirnay came for auditions, the first thing he said when he entered was ‘I want to play Krishna.’ He a narrated Krishna’s story to us. We knew it at that moment, we had found our Krishna. He is an extremely cute and adorable kid with a natural flair for acting. The naughtiness, divinity and a mischievous smile, he has it all.”

Even little Nirnay’s mother Dr. Deepali Samadhiya went on to share an interesting anecdote of his ‘Lord Shri Krishna’ connection. She said, “In Nirnay’s school in Indore, he used to dress up as Hanuman, Ram and Krishna during various competitions. I personally feel he is just like Krishna as he is very naughty, innocent and makes everyone laugh. He enjoyed dressing up as Krishna the most and I am glad he has got a chance to depict the most loved Lord onscreen.”

Isn’t that interesting? Indeed, Nirnay leaves a deep impression with his innocent portrayal of natkhat Kanhaiya. And no doubt, it was really the combination of his cheerful nature and amazing acting that made him the perfect choice for this role.

Isn’t Krishna just too cute? Watch more of him in this animated movie Krishna Aur Kans streaming on ZEE5.

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