DKDFW2: 17 EXCLUSIVE Pics From The ‘Family Round’ That’ll Make You Ecstatic

Parinika Uchil

November 23, 2019

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Anushree Makes A Formal Fashion Statement

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in this lovely white and green formal combination, some delicate accessories and open hair is the pretty hostess Anushree, who looks excited to begin the show. Do you know why? Because today and tomorrow will be the ‘Family Round’ challenge on Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2, that means many known faces will appear on the show to support their kutumba members. Excited? Keep scrolling.

Hiranmayi-Soorya Look Super Confident

Source: ZEE5

Posing confidently towards the end of their dance are Hiranmayi-Soorya, who have bought two special guests from their family. Looks like they are aiming straight for the ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’.

What Do We Have Here?

Source: ZEE5

Judges Arjun Janya and Rakshitha Prem look like they are performing on a romantic duet. I am super excited to see how Anushree is going to react to this. Are you?

Ashok-Bhavani’s Topic Is Based On Family

Source: ZEE5

Dressed in the colours of love are Ashok and Bhavani from the show Aathma Bandhana, that recently went off the air. But the theme chosen by them is definitely family. In my opinion, Ashok and Bhavani are parents in this picture, who have been surrounded by love aka their children.

Kamali-Rishi Make The Audience Excited

Source: ZEE5

Since two contenders on the show are from Kamali, actors Amulya Gowda and Niranjan had to come on the show right? Anika and Tejas have some major support on their side if you ask me because fans love these two.

Some Comedy Happening Tonight

Source: ZEE5

Obviously, since Suraj and Minchu are ex-participants of Comedy Khiladigalu, so this is a wise choice to call on their family members from the Zee Kannada Kutumba. Let’s wait and watch out for this performance, shall we?

Contestant Shenanigans

Source: ZEE5

Soorya, Pranathi and Tejas seem to be enjoying some particular performance happening on stage. Any guesses who is performing?

Prekshith-Anwisha Get A Dancing Ovation

Source: ZEE5

Namma Chinnari Mutha comes on stage very rarely to perform with the contestants, unless he is requested too. But seems like he himself has gone to shake a leg with one of the tiny tot pairs on the show, Prekshith and Anwisha.

Shiny-Hanumantha Go All Out With Their Master

Source: ZEE5

Dancing along with their choreographer Shiny and Hanumantha look super confident and excited to be performing on stage. Will their dance be worthy of a ‘Fire-Brand-Performance’? We’ll know soon, stay tuned folks.

Priya-Rashmitha Take The Emotional Route

Source: ZEE5

Adithi’s Gattimela co-star Sarika came on the show to perform with her this weekend. But did you notice what their act is about? Two brownie points if you too thought ‘conjoined twins’.

Aarthi-Anju Come To Support Their Sisters

Source: ZEE5

We all know that the Gattimela sisters, no matter how their relationship on-screen are the best buddies off-screen. To show their support, Aarthi, Anjali and Sarika have come this weekend on behalf of the Gattimela Kutumba.

One Word For Aarthi – Lucky

Source: ZEE5

Getting the opportunity to fulfil her dream is Namma Aarthi Manjunath as she dances with Vijay Raghavendra. I mean how many of you are jealous right now? I know I am.

Anoop-Dimpanna’s Krishna Theme

Source: ZEE5

At first glance, you may think it is the Avatar theme again but look again. On the backdrop, there is a peacock feather and that can mean only one thing. Their performance will be based on something related to Lord Krishna.

Another Aww-Dorable Krishna Theme

Source: ZEE5

Having come to show her support to her little friend Jnana is Parnika from the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs Season 16. Either way, the adorable Alaap is getting punished in the performance by both his little mothers. #cute

Tejas-Pranathi’s Parent Act

Source: ZEE5

Clearly from this picture, Pranathi and Tejas will be bringing in the ‘Parent’ factor in their act this weekend. Also, for some reason, I am getting the feeling that this will be an emotional act too, but let’s see what happens…

A Feast To Your Eyes

Source: ZEE5

Check this out! Kamali, Rishi and Anushka from Paaru are all dancing with their Kutumba members Preethu and Anika to show their support. There is one last surprise for you, keep scrolling to know…

As Promised, Adithya-Paaru Came Too

Source: ZEE5

Along with Anushka, Aditya and Paaru came to show their support to Preethu and man, don’t all of these celebs look dazzling together on one stage?

For more exciting things happening this weekend, don’t forget to tune in to Dance Karnataka Dance Family War 2.

Watch Nagarahavu, here on ZEE5.

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