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Diwali Special: 5 Kurta Styles For Every Man During Those Fashion Emergencies

Manjiri Shete

October 19, 2019

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Shree from Honaar Soon Mee Hyaa Gharchi will help you sort your festive wardrobe.

Indian weddings and festivals have witnessed women pulling numerous strings to get minutest details right on the BIG DAY. However, sadly all those wedding pictures do not show half as much hard work that goes behind looking THAT GORGEOUS. It takes months to choose the brand of eyeliner or to pick the right colour for the lehenga. Exactly mirroring the opposite reactions are men who have zero interest in the nitty-gritty of festivals or weddings. *Men are truly from mars!*

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Incidentally, like time, fashion waits for none. Each day styles are innovating, and the fashion game is blowing up more than ever. Miraculously, I see some men trying to keep up with these changing times in fashion. This includes Shashank Ketkar, our beloved Shree from Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi on ZEE5. He is known for elegant Indian and Western dress sense. So, drawing inspiration from Shashank’s wardrobe, I have curated five kurta styles that you should get your hands on for Diwali this year.

1. A-line Kurta: Funk up your wardrobe

Gone were the days when our wardrobe was just limited A-line skirts. In this new era, we now have A-line kurtas which are a perfect minimalistic option. Just like skirts, these kurtas widen below your waist.

2. Front slit kurta, taking over your side-slits

This kurta screams ‘Bye, side slit’. You can swap your regular kurtas for these cool kids on the block. Stitch metallic or contrasting colour buttons to add more oomph to the kurta.

3. Mandarin Kurta: hello high-neck!

In the honour of those rigorous gym days, are you looking to flaunt those hard-earned biceps? Here’s your cue. This neatly stitched kurta will take your fashion game to 1000! Extra points if you wear a nice jacket over it.

4. Drape Kurta: Saree we have a competition for you!

Why should only the sarees have all the fun? This drape kurta trend has made its sly runway appearance quite often. Agreed, this is a bold choice, but what’s the fun in playing it safe, right?

5. Asymmetric Kurta: One thing that math didn’t teach you

As the name suggests this type of kurta will have asymmetrical ends. Being more on the edgier side, every fashionista will be approving of the choice you made.

These are some of the kurtas that will look gorgeous on you. We would love to know which amongst these is your favourite look?

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