Diwali Snack Recipe Videos: From Chakali, Laddoo to Shankarpali, Easy Ways to Make Diwali Faral

Each Diwali festival, people make traditional snacks which is often called the Diwali faral. Chakli, Chiwda, Besan Laddoo, Rava Laddoo, Shankarpali are some of the typical snacks made for Diwali 2020.

November 7, 2020


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Diwali 2020 is less than a week away, and are you excited? Diwali is one of the most anticipated times of the year and preparations for it have begun with the start of the month itself. While some are cleaning their homes, others are wondering what snacks to make at home. Each Diwali festival, people make traditional snacks which is often called the Diwali faral. Chakli, Chiwda, Besan Laddoo, Rava Laddoo, Shankarpali are some of the typical snacks made for Diwali 2020. People invite their friends and neighbours home for Diwali and exchange these snacks. Although now they are easily available in the shops and markets, there is different joy in making them at home. So if you are unsure about making Diwali snacks at home, don’t worry as we have got you some easiest recipes and videos. We bring you easy Diwali recipes like Chakali, laddoos and chiwda with video tutorials. Choti Diwali 2020 Date, Significance & Shubh Muhurat: Know More About Narak Chaturdashi, Its Traditions, Puja Vidhi, Legends & Celebrations.

Diwali 2020 Easy Snack Recipes: From Chakli, Chiwda to Ladoos, Know How to Make Traditional Diwali Faral at Home (Watch Videos)


Chakli, Chakali or also called Chakri, it is a savoury spiral-shaped snack. It is typically made from rice, bengal gram and black gram flour. It is a children’s favourite item of Diwali snacks because of its little spiciness and the crispiness over other sweet dishes.

Watch Video Recipe to Make Chakli at Home for Diwali:

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Besan Laddoo:

Ladoos are a must part of Diwali sweets. There are different kinds of laddoos that are made in every household. Besan ka Laddoo as the name suggests is made with gram flour. These sweet balls with distinct taste of ghee and some added cardamom are a must have!

Easy Besan Laddoo Recipe to Make at Home:

Rava Ladoo:

While besan laddoo can get too sticky, another option is to make rava laddoos which are comparatively dry in texture. Rava is semolina and they are made into sweet round balls as a sweet dish, a part of Diwali snacks. Also known as suji laddoos they are very easy to make. You can watch the video below for reference.

Watch Video of Easy Rava Ladoo Recipe:


Chiwda is an Indian snack which is primarily made of flaked rice and a variety of other ingredients like peanuts, dry fruits, spices, fried coconut, which is all fried in oil and mixed together. Chiwda takes a little longer to make and uses a lot of ingredients but the end result is very tasty. Diwali snacks are incomplete without some good chiwda.

Watch Simple Chiwda Recipe For Diwali 2020:


Shankarpali is called with different names like shakkarpara, khurma, laktho. It is essentially a sweet and crispy snack. These are bite-sized sweets which make for perfect tea-time accompaniments.

Here’s How to Make Shakarpali at Home For Diwali:

These are some of the common traditional snacks which are made every year during Diwali. You may not make all of them given your busy schedule but you can always make two or three dishes over the next week. We hope the recipe videos help you to make your Diwali snacks extra special. Gather all the ingredients together and start making your Diwali special recipes. Enjoy the process of cooking everything and it will add special taste to your snacks.

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