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Dishank Arora: Vedant Of Rajaa Betaa Is One Of The Best Characters I Played In My Career

Aayushi Sharma

October 30, 2019

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Dishank Arora, who plays the lead on the Zee TV show Rajaa Betaa, shares his thoughts on the show going off-air and Diwali celebrations.

Dishank Arora of Rajaa Betaa celebrates his birthday on 27 October. It’s a dual celebration for the television actor this year as Laxmi Pujan – Diwali 2019 falls on the same day. However, the star is in a bit of a shock as it was recently revealed that his Zee TV show is going off the air soon. In an exclusive conversation, the birthday boy shares his thoughts on his Rajaa Betaa journey coming to an end, birthday and Diwali 2019 plans. Read excerpts from our chat below.

Q. Rajaa Betaa is set to end soon. What are your thoughts?

Thursday was the last working day for us in Jaipur. 1 November is the last on-air telecast. It was too soon for all of us. I had joined the show mid-way although it never felt like I joined in between. However, I believe whatever happens happens for good. I was being told that the show will be on air till January 2020 because Rajaa Betaa first went on the air on January 2019. Nobody thought about it, and when I got to know I couldn’t concentrate on my work. I had just joined in June 2019. My co-star joined a month back, she was in shock. People who have been a part of Rajaa Betaa since day one, even they were surprised to hear about the news of the show going off the air.

I and everyone else tried to pep up others, we had dholak and all so we played that to lift everyone’s mood.

Q. How would you sum up your experience of Rajaa Betaa?

Vedant is one of the best characters I have played so far in my career. Because he is the one who takes care of the family, he is one aadarshvaadi man. He is not selfish. Before himself, he thinks about his parents, family. The journey was fantastic, shooting outdoors is always a good experience. I am from Delhi so Jaipur is like home.

Q. Did you get time to explore Jaipur and nearby areas in Rajasthan?

To be honest, I hardly got time. By the time we pack up, everything is shut. Jaipur shuts down early. I did go to Nahargarh at midnight, it was a great experience. Zee Studios, Jaipur is altogether an experience. I was looking for something wherein I can shoot out of Mumbai, Rajaa Betaa was that. We all had a great time.

Q. Your birthday and Laxmi Pujan is on the same day this year…

It’s a double dhamaka, yeah. I am going to celebrate my birthday and Diwali with my parents. I am really excited about it. It’s the first time my birthday is falling on Diwali.

Q. What’s next on cards?

I want to do something great, let’s hope for the best. Fingers are crossed. I am open to the webspace too, any good work is fine by me.

What are your thoughts about Rajaa Betaa going off the air?

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