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Disha Parmar Vs Sapna Thakur: Comparing The Other Woman From Woh Apna Sa And Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti

Shrudi Shyam

March 27, 2021

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While one is selfish the other was selfless. While one was mean the other was caring. Read more about the contrasting personalities of Jhanvi and Samaira from Woh Apna Sa and Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti.

We’ve always heard how a third person in any marriage is usually an obstacle or threat. Time and again, an extramarital affair is always shown as something that breaks a family and leaves the poor wife hurting. Well, that’s not always the case though. Sometimes even the wife could be a heartless woman whereas another woman provides solace to the hurting husband. Both these scenarios are beautifully shown in Woh Apna Sa and Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti.

Check out what’s happening in Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti:

Woh Apna Sa follows the story of three individuals, Aditya(Sudeep Sahir), Nisha(Ridhi Dogra) and Jhanvi(Disha Parmar). From the outside, Aditya and Nisha look like a happily married couple with two little kids, but on the inside, they’re anything but happy. In fact, Nisha Jindal was a mean evil woman who didn’t care about her family or even her husband. All that mattered to her was her status and lifestyle. On the other side, Jhanvi was a loving caring girl who understood family values.

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Meanwhile, Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti revolves around Shubhra(Neha Marda), Kuldeep(Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi) and Samaira(Sapna Thakur). Shubhra is a loving, caring woman who’s married to Kuldeep and has two kids with him. Her happy family is put in chaos when Kuldeep and Samaira’s affair gets revealed. But Samaira in here is the complete opposite of Shubhra. She’s selfish, arrogant and doesn’t value Kuldeep’s family.

Jhanvi vs Samaira
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Although both Jhanvi and Samaira were the ‘woh’ between ‘pati and patni’, their personalities were a complete contrast to each other. Jhanvi took care of everyone while Samaira only cared about herself. Disha Parmar as Jhanvi helped not only Aditya but also his family multiple times. She saved his father from angry hounds in the first meet itself. Meanwhile, Samaira is always seen making faces when she’s asked to do anything for Kuldeep’s children or mom. She doesn’t have the same family values as Jhanvi and thinks of the family as a burden.

Jhanvi vs Samaira
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Despite catching feelings for Aditya, Jhanvi always advised him on how to get his family together. She suggested ideas to make his wife realize her mistakes so that his family can reunite. On the other hand, Samaira is trying her level best to get Kuldeep separated from his family. She is often seen manipulating him against them.

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Sapna Thakur’s Samaira is always seen trying to compete with Shubhra. She purposely challenges her in an attempt to prove that she’s superior to her. Samaira always wants to have the upper hand, even in her relationship with Kuldeep. She’s also mean to Kuldeep’s kids and tries to gel with them just for the sake of it.

Shubhra and Samaira
Source: ZEE5

Whereas, Jhanvi was a completely selfless person. She always kept her feelings aside and helped Aditya in trying to mend his marriage. When no other option was seen, that’s when Aditya divorced Nisha and got together with Jhanvi. Unlike in Samaira’s case, Aditya’s kids Chinni, Binni loved Jhanvi and accepted her as their new mom. Even the kids understood the pure love Jhanvi had in her heart for everyone.

Jhanvi and Aditya
Source: ZEE5

While in Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti, everyone is trying to get rid of Samaira and we’re all rooting for Shubhra. In Woh Apna Sa, everyone loved Jhanvi and we all rooted for her instead. It was a happy day when Nisha finally got what she deserved.

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