Dilli Darlings 17 September 2019 Written Update: Deepshika, Manya Flirt At Rashmi’s Kitty

In tonight’s episode, Manya and Deepshika playfully flirt at Rashmi’s kitty party, While Rashmi has a plan to confront Manya.

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September 17, 2019


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In the previous episode of Dilli Darlings, Pragati begins her birthday at the temple and praying for her daughter’s marriage. Bhavan gives Depshika fashion tips and helps her feel more comfortable about her body. Later Bhavana learns her husbands in starting a new sportswear brand and she decides to work out rigorously to be selected as the model for the brand. Rashmi along with Pragati and Sona decide to corner Manya at the next Kitty Party, using shayari. Pragati’s husband rents a limousine and takes her to a fancy hotel room with a pool to celebrate her birthday.

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In tonight’s episode, Pragati’s birthday is over but her husband has one more big surprise. He puts a blindfold on her and takes her on a long drive. He stops on a road where he shows her a new red Mercedes she brought for him. Pragati is happy with her husband’s surprises.

Rashmi gets ready for the kitty party she is organising around the theme of a mehfil. Manya and Deepshikha enter the party. While Bhavana is impressed with Rashmi’s dressing style and she is very disappointed with Depshika’s outfit. Manya decides that she wants to be friends with Deepshika and begins playfully flirting with her.

Pooja is upset because Deepshika ignored her to be with Manya. Deepshikha feels like Manya is faking her friendship. Seema makes jokes about how Manya picks one Dilli Darling after another to be friends with at every event. Rashmi brings in her friend Nirmesh who is a poet and shayar to entertain the guests.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Shaloo Jindal
Shaloo reads shayari she wrote for Pooja and Sona among others.

Rashmi first allows Shaloo to read some of the Shayaris she prepared for the ladies. Shaloo says good things about everyone which are also true and it makes them happy. Later the shayara Nirmesh and friends make shayaris that Rashmi asked them to make on Manya. When Manya realises she is being targetted she decides to face it head on.

Guneet enters late saying she has to work unlike some of the other ladies there. This irritates Pooja, Manya and other housewives. Shaloo is picked as the next kitty host. Pragati is asked to cut a birthday cake but she wants to read a shayari she wrote for Manya first. What more drama is in store at Rashmi’s Kitty Party? Stay tuned to find out.

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