Dilli Darlings 12 September 2019 Written Update: RJ Ronak Visits The Dilli Darligs Event

In tonight’s episode, RJ Ronak aka Bauaa visits the Dilli Darlings charity event where each of them is competing to earn the most money for charity.

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September 12, 2019


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In the previous episode of Dilli Darlings, Pragati and Rashmi decide to meet and discuss how Manya has been manipulating them. They call Seema and Pooja and apologise to them. They claim Manya instigated them to go ahead with the idea. Rashmi and Reena plans to organise a charity flea market for kids with Thalassemia. Manya and Seema are given one stall to handle together. Deepshikha and Bhavna decide to put up a stall for shoes painted by other kids with special needs. Pooja decides to have a photo booth stall.

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In tonight’s episode, Rashmi reaches the even early and panics. She asks the event organisers to hurry up. As the preparations continue Manya walks in and finds Seema has already set up her side of the stall. Manya decides to hurry up and get her side done too. When Seema walks by Manya says both their stalls look very nice.

Seema reminds Manya that they are both organising one jewellry stall and not separate stalls. Manya then pretends to be best friends with Seema and coins a new term for them ‘SeeManya’ which doesn’t impress Seema. Pooja is very impressed by her high-tech photo booth with good props. Deepshikha is impressed by the painted shoes.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Manya and Seema
Manya pretends to be Seema’s best friend but Seema doesn’t believe her.

RJ Ronak aka Bauaa is invited at the event. He decides to visit all the stalls by Dilli Darlings. Everyone does good business. Pragati and Shaloo even try selling their products to RJ Ronak. Everyone clicks photos at Pooja’s stall but don’t want to pay money for it and Pooja refuses to let them leave with the photos.

She clicks a photo with RJ Ronak and even he leaves without paying for it. Deepshikha feels that she earned the most for the charity. Manya feels she and Seema earned the most at the flea market. Pooja makes her friends and husband pay extra to add to her charity. Who do you think earned the most? Stay tuned to find out.

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