Diljit Dosanjh Joins The Farmers Protest, Urges Government To Listen To Their Demands

Punjabi singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh recently joined the protesting farmers at Delhi’s Sanghu border. He urged the government to listen to farmers’ demands.

Rohan Patil

December 7, 2020

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Popular Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh has been showing his support to the farmers during the current protests. He has never shied away from sharing his views and opinions about the farmers’ protest. He has been sharing updates and his views about the protests on his social media since quite some time now. Taking a step ahead, Diljit Dosanjh recently joined the protesting farmers at Delhi border. He supported the farmers and told them requested the government to agree to their demands. For all the people who are curious to know about what Diljit Dosanjh said during the protests, here is everything you need to know about it.

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Diljit Dosanjh joined the protesting farmers at Delhi’s Sanghu border and showed his support to the farmers. The farmers have been protesting against three farm bills. As the farmers gathered to protest against the farm bills, Diljit Dosanjh was also among those who sat in the crowd for the protests. He can be seen wearing an orange turban and sitting among the farmers. The popular actor-singer later took the stage and addressed the crowd. Diljit Dosanjh said that the people present here are talking about the farmers and nothing else. He also urged everyone to not stray away from the aim behind these protests.

He then made a request by saying, “It is my humble request to the government to listen to the demands of our farmers”. He further added that nobody here is talking about any bloodshed which the Twitter and other social media platforms are portraying. Talking about the support to the farmers in their protests, Diljit Dosanjh shared that the entire country is standing with the farmers and once again urged the government to agree to their demands.

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In the past few days, Diljit Dosanjh has been sharing several tweets about the farmer protests. He is continuously requesting the government to agree to the demands of farmers. When Diljit Dosanjh joined the farmers’ protest, he talked about the peaceful protests by the farmers. On the other side, the farmers were involved in a heated argument with the police at Gazipur. The highway is closed because of the protests in Gazipur. Due to which the people have been facing difficulties while travelling. When police appealed the farmers to make way for the vehicles to pass, a section of protesting farmers refused to do so. Things escalated and farmers started shouting slogans.

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