Digital Platforms Introduce Apps To Help People Deal With Depression

Various applications have been developed on digital platforms to help people overcome sadness and depression. Here is a look at all the details on the story.

Sania Kader

January 27, 2021

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Depression and anxiety have been a topic of debate and discussion since quite some time and various digital platforms have been sorting out ways to deal with mental health. In the recent past, a few applications have been released, under compassionate technology, to help people open up on their deepest concerns and thoughts. These apps provide a digital friend who is always available for the people, no matter what the time or place is. Some of these apps like Woebot and Wysa have already been gaining popularity amongst the people and are being called the need of the hour in the current digital era. However, critics have been of the stance that using technology to deal with depression and other mental health issues, is only viable and effective to a small degree as it is necessary for people to deal with the real world as well.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to applications that promise to spread positivity and bring a considerable change in mental illness:

A bunch of applications have been launched in the last few years, which focus on the topic of depression, social anxiety, and other mental health-related issues. According to the video attached above, applications like Woebot and Wysa aim at providing people with digital friends who are always available for people whenever they feel low or disturbed. These applications promise a safe environment where the user can share any information that has been bothering them in any way. These applications are absolutely free and do not have a time frame or time limit to abide by which makes it a 24/7 available service.

These applications fall in the category of compassionate technology where the applications try to apply cognitive behavioural therapy to help their users. The apps try to understand how a person reacts to their surroundings and situations and answers the users accordingly. However, these applications also make it very clear at the beginning that if the users’ mental health condition is too severe, then they must consult a professional and seek therapy.

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According to various experts, such applications might not help everyone but it will help certain countries who have a population above 100 crore population. In countries like India, mental health has been a major concern as a WHO survey from 2015 suggests that one in every five Indians has been dealing with chronic depression. In such a case, a digital friend might help many people to overcome self-esteem and build a healthier mentality.

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