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Radhamma Kuthuru: We Get You The Entire Account Of How Akshara Saved Her Husband Aravind From Marrying Shruthi

Sneha Bale

August 7, 2020

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Aravind did not marry Shruti and Purandari’s secret is out in the open now – without Akshara having to put herself in a spot. Here’s how her marriage is finally out of danger.

Some people are born with a silver spoon while others with added baggage. Radhamma Kuthuru is a Zee Telugu serial that shows us both such sides well. Its lead character, Akshara, is a smart and young woman who was born father-less. But she hasn’t let that stop her. Instead, she decided to prove people wrong and held down the fort on her own. In the show, Akshara married Aravind – a man who loved her unimaginably, but her married life hasn’t been smooth lately.

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Akshara recently found her sister-in-law Purandari’s secret which she was trying to keep from the family. Upon learning about Purandari’s fears of informing the family about her pregnancy, Akshara decided to help the young mother-t0-be. This started a chain of actions and reactions that kept adding to Akshara’s burdens. However, Akshara was keen on keeping Purandari happy. This led to her mother-in-law, Bujjamma demeaning Akshara and also finding a new bride for Aravind.

Things escalated to a point where Akshara was given the responsibility of dressing her own husband as a groom for another girl. Throughout the process of Aravind’s wedding with Shruti, Akshara believed that her lord will save the day. She told Radhamma, Purandari and even Aravind that the wedding will never be a success and that her marriage will not be a failure. A few minutes before Aravind could walk up to the mandapam, Purandari decided to leave a note informing her mother about the pregnancy. Purandari also stepped out to get an abortion done, but Akshara read the note and stopped Purandari in the nick of time.

Shruti in Radhamma Kuthuru
Shruti decides to avenge Akshara for ruining her wedding in Radhamma Kuthuru

Akshara decided to stay quiet through all this. Aravind begged her to talk but when she did not respond, he signed the divorce papers angrily. Purandari felt suffocated by the stressful thoughts running through her mind constantly and fell unconscious. Akshara hoped for her secret to remain hidden, but the doctor told everyone about Purandari’s pregnancy and ended up saving the day – for Purandari, Aravind and Akshara, and for everyone who wanted to see her happy. This announcement, however, put Bujjamma in a frenzy and she ended up locking herself in a room.

Well, maybe Akshara’s sixth sense was something that people could depend on. After all, the wise always say good things happen to good people.

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