Did You Know The Scientific Reasons Behind These Diwali Rituals?

Sneha Bale

October 27, 2019


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1. Lighting up earthen pots

We have been celebrating Diwali for years and years. But it’s rare that we dig deep to find out the reasons behind these rituals. We found out some tiny details that explain a lot about these rituals. For starters, the diyas that we use during the festival are made of soil and not of clay. The earthen pots help in keeping the diya lit for longer. Also, it helps in spreading warmth around it.

2. The new calendar

Astrology suggests that most festivals are celebrated in accordance with the movement of the sun. But it is only Diwali that uses the movement of the moon.

3. Fire crackers

Diwali brings in the season of winter. And all throughout the rainy days, many insects find a home around us and make things difficult for people. The chemicals that were used back in the day did not use harmful chemicals. Burning these would also burn away the insects around people and the bacteria in the air.

4. Abhyanga Snanam

Earlier, the first thing to do on the morning of Deepavali was to have a bath with water from the Ganges and other oils. This is called Abhyanga Snanam. It is said to heal cracked skin, help with obesity and even control ageing.

5. Deep-avali

Although not scientific, the word Deepavali has a special meaning, too. ‘Deep’ translates to light and ‘avali’ denotes a line or a row. Basically, Deepavali means a row full of lights – which is the most noticeable feature of this festival.

Let us know what are the other rituals and it’s sciences that you know of. Watch Mrs Subbalaxmi starring Lakshmi Manchu on ZEE5 for a good laugh this festive season.

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