Did You Know That The Director Of Rajaratha Anup Bhandari Acted In The Film Too?

Parinika Uchil

May 16, 2019


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1. Anup Bhandari as a news reporter

Source: ZEE5

Very few directors dwell on the fairy tale aspect in a movie nowadays. Amongst those few, the multitalented director Anup Bhandari definitely gave us a cute story in the form of Rajaratha. Starring Nirup Bhandari (Abhi) and Avantika Shetty (Megha) this film will give you romantic feels. Of course, towards the end, you might slip onto an emotional roller coaster but that is a part and parcel of every movie. Let’s now appreciate the supporting cast without whom, the film would be incomplete.

Starting with the director himself. Anup has not only acted in a part of the film and directed it but has also sung songs in the film. Don’t miss his cameo appearance when Vishwa is at the political campaign with his father just before things go wrong.

2. Prominent South actor Arya as Vishwa

Source: ZEE5

Arya is known for his splendid work in various Tamil and Malayalam films and surprisingly marked his Kannada debut with Rajaratha. He plays Abhi’s older brother Vishwa. Arya also portrays the role of an advisor to their father and a local politician Appanna. Watch the film to know what a fantastic job he has done.

3. Sruthi Hariharan as news reporter

Source: ZEE5

After doing a great job in the film Beautiful Manasugalu, Sruthi Hariharan chose a similar cameo role in Rajaratha. She plays the role of a news reporter too, but her speech and talent proved to be worth every minute.

4. P Ravishankar as Uncle

Source: ZEE5

The veteran P Ravishankar, who has also worked in the film Raambo 2 as the villain, has played a more comic and supportive role in Rajaratha. It’s like his aim is to make Abhi and Megha’s love story a success. And then just like that, he disappears too, so watch out!

5. Vinaya Prasad as co-passenger and jewellery shop owner

Source: ZEE5

By the end of their journey on the Rajaratha bus, Vinaya Prasad aka Usha and Abhi become friends. Usha also gives Abhi some tips as to what he must do to win Megha’s heart. So, all-in-all, a major influencer in the life of Abhi. Don’t miss her lovable scenes!

6. Yamuna Srinidhi as co-passenger and school principal

Source: ZEE5

Remember Kamali’s mother Mangalamma or Gauri? Yes! Yamuna Srinidhi plays a partially important role in Rajaratha too. While her onscreen look is the same as that in the show Kamali, she plays the role of a school principal in the film.

Did we miss out on anyone? Who was your favourite actor apart from the leads in Rajaratha? Speak to us through the space provided below.

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