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Did You Know That Rajesh Khanna And Rajendra Kumar Were Once Dazzled By A Haunted Bungalow?

Tanvi Dhote

April 13, 2021

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Rajesh Khanna and Rajendra Kumar were both fans of the same bungalow. Turns out, this bungalow on Mumbai’s Carter Road was once haunted but lead to the actors’ success in Bollywood.

Two Bollywood stars once believed that a haunted house could spark their luck. These Bollywood stars are none other than Rajendra Kumar and Bollywood’s first superstar Rajesh Khanna. Till the end, both the actors chose to stay in the same haunted house to make sure they ride to new levels of success. Find out more details about this story below.

Bollywood is filled with plenty of inspirational stories and tales. Many actors and actresses in the past have spoken about their struggles in the film industry and how they rose to fame. But do you know, two Bollywood stars once believed in the power of a haunted house. As mentioned earlier, these Bollywood stars are late actors Rajendra Kumar and Rajesh Khanna.

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According to E24’s report, both these Bollywood legends once chose to depend on a haunted house to achieve success in the industry. Both these actors loved this haunted bungalow in Mumbai and Rajesh Khanna stayed in the same house till the end of time. He even named this bungalow on Mumbai’s Carter road as ‘Ashirwaad’.

This bungalow in Mumbai’s Bandra area was known to be haunted. But the moment, Rajendra Kumar stepped inside the house and made it his home, his luck changed. Soon, the Bollywood actor started signing several projects and this house was said to be his lucky charm. After Rajendra Kumar, even Rajesh Khanna moved into the same house. The house then became his lucky charm. While living in this same haunted bungalow, Rajesh Khanna emerged as India’s first superstar and even tried his hand in politics.

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This bungalow saga began in the 60s, when Rajendra Kumar was looking for a big house for his family. His search came to an end with this bungalow on Carter road. Actor Bharat Bhushan wanted to sell this bungalow for Rs. 60,000 and people had already deemed it haunted. Still, Kumar bought the house and renovated it. He even named it after his daughter, ‘Dimple’. But by 70’s, Rajendra Kumar was struggling at the box-office and ended up selling his precious bungalow to fellow competitor Rajesh Khanna.

According to the report, Rajesh Khanna always had his eye on Kumar’s bungalow. So, when Rajendra Kumar decided to sell his bungalow, Rajesh Khanna was one of the first few people to approach him. Khanna ended up buying the bungalow for Rs. 3.5 lakhs. The moment he shifted to this new house, he renamed it to ‘Ashirwaad’ and as mentioned earlier he ended up achieving new levels of stardom.

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