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Did You Know Pratik Gandhi’s Bollywood Debut Titled ‘Bhavai’ Was His Dream Project?


September 22, 2021

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Scam 1992 fame, Pratik Gandhi is all set to make his big bang Bollywood debut with the upcoming film ‘Bhavai’ His web debut was based of a real life character which he portrayed with utter finesse and is now marching towards the Bollywood industry

Pratik Gandhi has delivered a variety of projects in the Gujrati industry and made his web debut in Scam 1992 where he essayed the lead character of Harshad Mehta the man who changed the look of the indian economy. Some worship him like God who made his way to success and some treat him like the devil who used the loop holes in the Indian Economy for his personal benefits. However it may be, he’s become an unforgettable chapter of alot of lives. His web debut was based of a real life character which he portrayed with utter finesse and is now marching towards the Bollywood industry. But even before his Scam 1992 series, the actor was very eager to sign the dotted line for ‘Bhavai’ which is a Hardik Gajjar directorial.

Hardik Gajjar made his directorial debut with The Casino which is now airing on Zee5 app and also banked alot of accolades under his count. With an indepth knowledge of the industry and alot of ha ds on experience, Pratik and Hardik are all set to enter Bollywood ad Actor and Director with the film ‘Bhavai’

Bhavai is a love story set in 1982 in a rural village in Gujarat, two artists a local boy Raja Ram Joshi (Pratik Gandhi) and Rani (Aindrita Ray) who work for Ram Leela drama company and how it affects their personal life off stage.

Pratik also shared that this was before Scam 1992 in 2018, when he first heard the narration. He was clear and convinced that he want to do this movie. He told Hardik that it’s his decision if he want him for this character because at that time, apart from the Gujarati movie he hadn’t explored anything else. Also making a movie in Hindi and releasing it both are different factors as it holds various variables, and moreover launching a fresh face is also challenging, hence he had left it on the director Hardik Gajjar to decide.

He further revealed that he is very excited, Bhavai will always stay close to his heart, because for many reasons, firstly, this is his first Bollywood film as the lead protagonist, this in itself is very huge for any actor. The second reason is the love that was showered on him through Scam, there are set of audience now hoping to see him in a different shoes so he wants to show them something that is different and they will enjoy.

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