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Did You Know? Cardi B Felt Suicidal Following Her Defamation Lawsuit Against YouTuber; Opens Up About Her Depressing Experience


January 14, 2022

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Cardi B, the famous singer, and rapper opened up about her depressing experience and she felt incredibly suicidal following her defamation incident with a YouTuber

It is difficult for celebs to stay up with the rest of the world while also meeting their own wants and standards. In the pursuit of fame and popularity, their mental health suffers as a result of their efforts. Due to their renown and prominence, numerous circumstances emerge in which one cannot fathom how to proceed.

Cardi B appeared before a federal grand jury on January 13 in her defamation lawsuit over YouTuber Tasha Kebe, claiming the court she felt “suicidal” when Kebe apparently disseminated harmful rumors about the artist. The 29-year-old “Bodak Yellow” vocalist described how the alarming allegations, involving Cardi B suffering sexual diseases, had had a devastating effect on her when she took the witness stand in a Georgia courthouse on the fourth day of the case. According to a major newspaper, Cardi B stated, “I felt incredibly suicidal.”

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Cardi went on to explain she felt “utterly powerless” as Kebe proceeded to promote the alleged lies on her channel, which has almost 1 million followers. According to the site, she also suffered from “fatigue, anxiety, loss of weight, and headaches.” Cardi went on to say, “Only a nasty person could do that s***,” before apologizing for her language.

Cardi B opened up about how the claimed libelous occurrences impacted her self-esteem shortly after she and her husband Offset ushered daughter Kulture into the world. According to a leading magazine, she added, “I felt dejected and miserable, and I didn’t want to sleep with my husband.” She proceeded so far as to remark that she “didn’t deserve” Kulture at the moment.

Cardi says in her complaint filed in March 2019 that Kebe tried to profit from propagating lies concerning her, such as that she was a stripper, was disloyal to Offset, used narcotics, and had herpes and HPV. Cardi B “f**ed herself with liquor bottles on f***ng stripper stages,” according to one of Kebe’s videos referenced in the lawsuit.

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Cardi claims the “demeaning and abusive” comments started around April 2018, when Kebe uploaded a clip claiming Cardi’s pregnancy could result in a child with special needs.

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