Did China Ask WHO To Cover Up And Delay The News Of The Coronavirus Outbreak?

It is being alleged that China was well aware of the growing pandemic but chose to delay the matter.


May 12, 2020


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The World Health Organization denied allegations that the president of China asked officials to delay issuing a global warning about the Covid-19 virus. Apparently, it took until the end of January before the WHO could declare the official existence of a pandemic. Because of this delay by China, the world wasted four to six weeks in which much could have been done to make the situation better.

Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service (BND) also mentioned that Xi Jinping, China’s Head of State, had asked the director-general of the World Health Organisation to withhold information about human-to-human transmission and delay sounding a global alarm. Additionally, Germany’s Robert Koch Institute said that China deliberately failed to reveal any relevant information about the virus.

In response to these reports by the German media, the Chinese said that the communist country’s handling of the virus is what bought them the time that was then wasted by other governments.

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