Devmanus: With Ajit Accepting Dimple’s Marriage Proposal, How The Story Might Take A Turn Ahead!

Ajit opened up to Mangal and Babu about his decision to marry Dimple. Here’s taking a look at how things might turn out in Ajit’s favour while indirectly helping him in his mysterious plans.

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March 27, 2021



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Over the years, television gave us many protagonists and their lives were no less than a dreamy affair. As an audience, we loved the larger-than-life version of the story. However, if the same story would have been shown from the villain’s perspective, it would have been quite tragic. As all depends on the perspective! Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has successfully pulled off this experiment with a nail-biting storyline. The show revolves around the story of a modern-age evil Dr Ajit (Kiran Gaikwad).

With some intriguing yet life-like plotlines and interesting characters, the show has become a great pick for the viewers. While fulfilling the cravings of suspense thrillers, the show has also entertained the audience. The writers have also managed to weave many interesting subplots welcoming new twists and turns in the story. Similarly, in the recent episode, we saw Ajit’s change of mind as he readily accepted Dimple’s marriage proposal. He opened up to Mangal and Babu about his decision, leaving the viewers excited.

So, here’s taking a look at how the story might take a turn ahead.

ACP Divya’s Dilemma

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In recent episodes, we saw Ajit and Divya’s relationship flourishing to a new level. Divya was traumatized after Ranjit’s death as everyone blamed her for pressurizing him. Taking advantage of this situation, Ajit comforted Divya and made her realize her self-worth. She was highly impressed with his sweet gesture and it seemed that love is blossoming between the two. 

But Ajit’s decision of marrying Dimple would leave Divya in dilemma. This might be a part of Ajit’s act to make Divya confront her feelings for him. Nothing is sure as of yet but this new twist in the story will surely be an interesting watch.

Off-Track  Investigation

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The investigation surrounding Ranjit’s suicide has lead to Divya’s suspension. After this tragedy in her professional life, the news of Ajit’s decision to marry Dimple would bring more chaos in her life. Divya has developed feelings for Ajit and even Myra loves him more like a father. 

And, Ajit’s marriage plan would be another emotional breakdown for Divya. This will ultimately distract her from Devi Singh’s investigation.

Reviving The ‘Devmanus’ Imagery

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Ajit’s name popped up several times during the police investigations. This has made him fearful about his image amongst the villagers. And he had recently mentioned making a plan to restore the faith of villagers. Marrying Dimple might be a great opportunity for him to do so. Also, both Ajit and Dimple on their mutual consent had talked about how this marriage would be beneficial for both of them. 

While it would help Ajit to sustain his secrets, Dimple would get a chance to accomplish her dreams of a lavish lifestyle, away from the chaos of her family.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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