Devmanus: Wedding Preparations Are On For Ajit, Here’s How Divya And Saro Ajji Can Foil His Plans!

While Ajit and Dimple’s wedding preparations are in full swing, ACP Divya’s investigation is going the right track. Here’s how Ajit’s mastermind plan might go wrong!

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May 7, 2021



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Thriller TV shows are scoring big in terms of popularity. While the audience seems to be getting over typical romance stories, the thriller genre has piqued their interest in television. These new-age thrillers on television have not only entertained the viewers but have also given them an insight into the dark underbelly of society. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has become one of the most intriguing thriller shows on the small screens. The show essays the story of a modern-age evil Ajit and his infamous escapades in the village.

With a cliffhanger storyline and interesting characters, Devmanus has kept the audience glued to their TV screens. The makers have kept the suspense alive in the story with some well-written subplots. Saying so, the recent happenings in the show has yet again got the viewers excited. Ajit and Dimple’s wedding preparations are in full swing and on the other hand, ACP Divya’s investigation is going the right track.

So, here’s taking a look at how Ajit’s mastermind plan might go wrong.

ACP Divya And The ‘Devi Singh’ Investigation

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Divya has been thoroughly investigating the mysterious happenings in the village. And she’s certainly on a right track finding new clues and evidence. Recently, as we saw, she was just a step away to expose Ajit. But the latter yet again got away from her trap. Now, that Ajit is quite confident about being the ‘mastermind’, he might have made a new mistake.

Ahead, in the show, we’ll see Divya finding evidence related to Ajit’s first victim. Yes! The man whom he had killed on the bus while getting to the village. And if Divya succeeds, Ajit’s wedding plans would go on the backseat. It would be interesting to see what happens.

Saro Ajji To Call Off The Wedding!

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Also, on the other hand, we have Saro Ajji who is quite firm on her decision to call off Ajit and Dimple’s wedding. Earlier also, she disapproved of this relationship but nothing worked out. While Mangal and Babu are dreaming of their daughter’s better future, Saro Ajji would have to make them aware of the reality.

And goes without saying that this wedding won’t happen on peaceful terms. Saro Ajji might come up with a new plan to create problems for Ajit. And if this marriage gets cancelled, Ajit would land in another big trouble.

Vande And Lala’s Interference

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Vande and Lala, the close relatives of Mangal are quite envious of this marriage. Earlier, we saw them blackmailing Ajit for approving the wedding proposal. Well, nothing worked out for them. So, they might create more problems amid the wedding. And this would make for another entertaining subplot. There’s a possibility that Saro Ajji might help them with this plan.

Well, it would be interesting to see how this particular subplot unfolds.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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