Devmanus: Saro Ajji Is An Understated Hero Foiling Dr. Ajit’s Cruel Plans And These Instances Are Proof

Saro Ajji has been a hero under-the-covers standing up strong against Dr. Ajit and his cruel plans.

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January 24, 2021



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Throughout the history of television, we have seen many villains come and go. Based on all the villains we have seen so far, there’s vague imagery we have crafted in our minds. And we have loved to hate them and sometimes even rooted for them. However, breaking those stereotypes of a character on the wrong side, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus redefined the characteristics of an evil persona by introducing Dr. Ajit on TV.

Just like a villain, there always needs to be a strong protagonist whose story adds an equivalent touch to the show’s thrill. Also, when the heroism shifts from different-yet-interesting characters being away from the story’s spotlight, it makes up a great treat for the viewers. Similarly, Saro Ajji has been a hero under-the-covers standing up strong against Dr. Ajit and his cruel plans, and these instances are proof.

The Ancestral Land Rumours

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When Ajit weaved a plan creating troubles for Manjula, it was only Saro Ajji and Namya who came out as a savior for Manjula. Ajit masterfully spread rumours against Manjula’s ancestral land creating problems in the dealings. And it was Saro Ajji who along with Namya helped Manjula tackle her problems, ultimately ruining Ajit’s plans.

Provoking Amar

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Manjula’s love for her husband Amar is unquestionable. Overlooking his impairment, Manjula has always been a perfect match who never lets Amar down. And, trying to create a rift between the duo, Ajit tried to provoke Amar against Manjula. But Saro Ajji’s intervention saved the couple from getting separated and unknowingly foiled Ajit’s plans to trap Manju.

The New Revelation

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The recent happenings in the story where Saro Ajji tried to catch Ajit red-handed, but with Dimple’s help he somehow escaped again. However, this instance has made him more alert and aware of Saro Ajji. Earlier, he had understated her personality as just an old house owner who won’t cause any troubles for him.

However, the recent revelation about Saro Ajji’s clear eyesight and disguising herself as a blind woman has come out as a shocker to Ajit.

These instances prove that Saro Ajji had always been a step ahead of Ajit. And now being well aware of it, the show has reached the peak of its storyline.

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