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Devmanus Promo: Will Rupa Pay The Price For Going Against Devi?

Kedar Koli

September 8, 2020

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After Devi refused to marry her, Rupa decided to reveal the truth to everyone. Will going against Devi cost Rupa her life?

Devmanus has got us hooked onto the thrilling story within a short span of time. The recent developments in the show starring Kiran Gaikwad, has made it all the more exciting to watch. The pace at which the mastermind Devi is going about his business is blink and miss! After being dubbed as the ‘Devmanus‘ by villagers for saving lives, Devi aka Dr Ajit Kumar Dev is looking to captivate on the opportunity. The new identity that Devi has taken up is working wonders on putting a curtain over his dark past. However, Devi breaks into sweat when Rupa, his lover from Mumbai, visits him unannounced.

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

Devi had managed to dodge Dimple’s suspicions earlier when asked about who Rupa is. With the arrival of Rupa, it’s getting difficult for Devi to keep his real identity secret. By pretending to be the angelic doctor, he has already duped many villagers. His latest victim is Reshma who’s having trouble consummating her marriage. Devi now plans to take advantage of her and is already making his first move on Reshma. While he’s getting cosy with Reshma, Rupa finally learns the truth about Devi. In the latest promo, we see her confronting Devi in anger.

Rupa somehow became aware of Devi’s pretence and decides to confront him. Rupa wants Devi to introduce her as his fiancé instead of lying to everyone. When he refuses to marry her, Rupa threatens to spill the beans about Devi being a mere compounder. Devi is left with no other option but to get rid of her. As she turns towards the door, Devi flings a hammer in Rupa’s direction. Will this be an end to Rupa’s chapter? Will she pay the price for going against Devi? Stay tuned to know more!

Until then, keep watching the latest episodes of the thriller drama Devmanus streaming now on ZEE5!

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