Devmanus Promo: Is Devi’s Time Up? The ‘Fake’ Doctor Is About To Get Arrested!

Devi has been caught with a married woman in the mansion. But will the blind old woman tell everyone the truth?

Ankita Tiwari

September 23, 2020



2 min


Nikhil Gaikwad’s show Devmanus has grown a new fan base ever since it has started streaming on Zee Marathi. The show is a thriller in which the main lead is a serial killer who disguises himself as a dev-manus aka an angel sent by God! Devi is a compounder who finds himself in crisis when the doctor he works with blames him for a wrong-doing. Devi severely hurts the doctor and sprits away. He catches a bus and finds a farmer on it. He learns that the farmer is rich and he kills him and goes to his mansion in the guise of Dr. Ajit Kumar Dev. Later, Devi helps an old woman (while actually not helping her) regain consciousness and he is declared to be God’s Messenger!

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

But Devi’s amorous affairs with married women do not end even when he comes to the village to start a new life. As a doctor, he gains access to more women and this makes him lecherous. He even kills his girlfriend who was about to out his secret! In further episodes, we will see how one of Devi’s affairs puts him in trouble. The woman tells him that her in-laws have asked the police to search, Devi gets scared and he asks her to leave in the mid of the night. But the blind woman in the mansion catches her and says that she is the thief!

Will Devi be in trouble now? Or will he kill the women and put an end to the trouble? Stream Devmanus on ZEE5 now!

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