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Devmanus Promo: Is Devi Spinning A Web Of Lies To Hide His Dark Past?

Kedar Koli

September 4, 2020

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Dimple is getting increasingly suspicious of Devi’s secretive activities. Will she find out about his past?

Zee Marathi‘s new show Devmanus is based on the tale of a two-faced doctor who scams his patients for money. Oh, and did we mention that he’s also a serial killer on the run? Even though Devi played by Kiran Gaikwad was taken in for interrogation, he managed to fool the police as well. In the previous episode, we saw him setting up a clinic by tricking the family of a village simpleton. Devi also picked up the new identity of Dr Ajit Kumar Dev so that people don’t get suspicious of his dark past.

Watch Dr Ajit Kumar Dev in action in an episode of the show here.

The show is taking an interesting turn as Dr Ajit Kumar Dev has been entitled as a Devmanus by the villagers. He is given the honorary status after the villagers see him resurrect an old woman who’s actually pretending to be dead. Absolutely no one suspects that the doctor has any ulterior motives apart from Dimple. Dr Dev’s secretive activities have made her suspicions grow and in the latest promo, we get to see just that!

Stay tuned for more such thrilling episodes of Devmanus streaming on ZEE5!

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