Devmanus Promo: Devi’s Ego Is Hurt By This Woman, Will He Murder Her?

Devmanus doctor Ajit Kumar is threatened by this old woman, will he murder her?

Ankita Tiwari

September 2, 2020


2 min


Devmanus is Zee Marathi’s latest spin into the murder mystery genre. A person always trusts a doctor to save their life, but what if the doctor is an evil murderer? Devmanus starring Kiran Gaikwad has already introduced to us such a sinister character. Devi was a compounder who scammed the doctor he worked for and then scurried away to a village. On his way, he murdered a poor farmer. All of this without any punishment? Well, Devi was to be punished by the police but he fooled the law keepers too.

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

Devi fooled the inspector and did not confess to his crimes. After changing his location he changed his identity and took up the name of Dr Ajit Kumar Dev. In the village he visits, he ‘saves’ the life of an old woman who is pretending to be dead and the villagers start calling him their God — their Dev. Slowly, he is rechristened as Devmanus. But this does not stop him from going ahead with his evil intentions. Watch the promo below!

Devi’s ego is irked by this old woman, will he murder her too? To find out more watch Devmanus streaming on ZEE5!

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