Devmanus: Instances Wherein Ajit’s Ladies’ Man Personality Helped Him Escape The Law!

Ajit’s love affairs have unexpectedly helped him make a way throughout his heinous crime journey. A look at some instances when he escaped from the law due to his phony yet charming personality.

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March 31, 2021



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Thrillers have been an interesting genre be it on the big screen or television. However, TV has remained a bit low when it comes to delivering some nail-biting dramas. While these shows focus on creating a great suspense story, they fail to emphasize the characters. And standing as an exception, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has some interesting and well-written character arcs. The show is a perfect blend of intriguing plot and lifelike characters. This is something that makes the audience root for the show every night.

The makers too have managed to introduce new and unexpected twists throughout the story. More like a character study, the show revolves around the villainous persona of Dr. Ajit. Be it his victim-hunting process or his cruel acts, Ajit’s character breathes life into the thrilling saga. He has been a great villain who has always been a step ahead of the heroes or the law. And one of the reasons behind this is Ajit’s phony yet charming personality. His love affairs have helped him throughout his heinous crime journey.

So, here’s taking a look at some instances where Ajit managed to escape the law with the charm of his ladies’ man personality.

Rupa’s Love Interest

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Devi Singh aka Dr. Ajit as we know him was a petty criminal in Mumbai. Working as a compounder, he used to dupe the needy patients. Rupa was his colleague at the clinic whom he entangled in his trap of love. Unaware of his antics, Rupa fell head over heels in love with Devi Singh. Even when he stabbed the doctor at the clinic, Rupa didn’t utter a word against him. She saved him from the police.

Also, when he disguised himself as a doctor in the village, she helped him in his devious acts. However, she ended up getting killed by Ajit. From the beginning, his amorous affairs have helped him escape the law.

Manjula & The Tragic Past

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Ajit managed to dupe many innocent women into his love trap. However, Manjula was the first to one who created problems for Ajit. She never gave up and fought solely against the whole village as they stood in support of Ajit. After many of his unsuccessful attempts, Ajit managed to win over Manju’s heart by emotionally blackmailing her.

He cooked up a story of his tragic childhood. And that’s when Ajit and Manjula started bonding with each other. Remember when Sanju came up with many shreds of evidence against Ajit to expose him, Manjula disapproved of his accusations on Ajit. This ultimately helped Ajit again from getting caught red-handed.

Dimple As The Villainous Assistant

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Helping Ajit has benefitted Dimple in many ways be it in monetary terms or getting a break from her family chaos. And Ajit’s charming personality has impressed Dimple’s family as they are eager to get them married. Eventually, this marriage would help Ajit to reframe his imagery of the “god’s messenger”.

Also, there have been many instances when Dimple saved Ajit from getting caught by the police. For instance, when she shifted Sanju’s dead body prior to the police investigation, it saved Ajit from a big problem.

ACP Divya’s Marriage Proposal

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Now after ACP Divya’s suspension, Ajit got an opportunity to flourish his chemistry with Divya. He helped her tackle the immense tragedy in her professional as well as personal life. This made Divya fall for him. And as we saw in the recent episode, Divya even proposed to Ajit for marriage. This love affair would help him distract Divya from the ongoing investigation.

So, these were few instances where Ajit’s ladies’ man personality saved him from getting into deep trouble.

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