Devmanus: Here’s Why We Need Manjula’s Heroism To Come Alive Once Again Against Dr Ajit

Breaking the usual principles, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus proved that a well-written antagonist can keep the most good-natured viewers rooted to their screens. Now it’s time for some heroism!

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January 26, 2021



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What makes a television show worth watching? Some may answer complex and real storylines or intense drama while others may instead focus on the importance of character development. However, a well-developed evil character will never hit our minds going by the typical storylines we are used to watching on TV over the years. And breaking the usual principles, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus proved that a well-written antagonist can keep viewers rooted to their screens.

Though the show has an evil character, Dr Ajit, in the spotlight, the imagery of the hero is always needed to make the story worth telling. And hence, Manjula emerged as a perfect heroic persona standing firmly against Ajit’s mysterious plans. However, after a series of events, Ajit managed to dupe Manjula into his trap and changed her perception of him. 

And with many other characters under his radar, Ajit is cleverly stepping ahead with his plans, and here’s why this is the perfect time we need Manjula’s heroism to come alive again in the story.

Ajit And Sanju’s Clash

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When Sanju became aware of Ajit’s real intentions, he framed a perfect plan to expose his wrongdoings. Going by the common thread in earlier killings, Sanju set up a fake buyer for Manju’s ancestral land in order to drive Ajit’s angst and catch him red-handed. However, Namya’s intervention turned the tables as Ajit was alerted about Sanju’s perfectly woven plan.

And in order to seek revenge, Ajit strangled Sanju to death and this was the time when the viewers were tugged with heartfelt emotions. Hence, we need Manjula to discover the real truth behind Sanju’s murder so that she can regain her heroic status, standing against Ajit.

Saro Ajji- The Next One On Radar

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Unexpectedly, Saro Ajji showed up at the Sanju’s murder scene while Ajit was busy washing off all the evidence. Though Saro Ajji has unclear eyesight, she became aware of someone’s presence at the scene. Hence, Saro Ajji has now made up to Ajit’s blacklist and he won’t miss out on the next opportunity he finds.

Ajit has already started weaving his plans against Saro Ajji to save his real identity from being compromised. Well, before he executes his cruel plans, we surely need Manjula to step in as a mature character and we believe she can unfold the mystery exposing Dr Ajit. It remains to be seen how the story unfolds ahead.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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