Devmanus: From Dimple’s Revelation To Vijay’s Personal Investigation, Instances That Hint At Dr. Ajit’s Dead-End

While we try to figure out how he might get caught in the act, his villainous shade surprises us every time, making the show an intriguing watch

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February 15, 2021



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A suspense-thriller story lives up to the imagery of its antagonist, the villains certainly give the viewers a “twisted mirror” appearance of the story’s protagonists. Through his cruel acts and absurd beliefs, the villain not only adds thrill to the plot but also challenges the audience who eagerly root behind the mysterious happenings. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has kept the viewers hooked to their screens with a riveting storyline that goes along the deadly persona of Dr. Ajit.

Many protagonists tried to restrict him from his conflicting goals but every time Ajit has managed to be a step ahead of them. While we try to figure out how he might get caught in the act, his villainous shade surprises us every time, making the show an intriguing watch. However, after all his wrongdoings, the recent happenings in the story have hinted at troubles lying ahead for Ajit. So, here’s taking a look at instances that might be the beginning of Ajit’s end.

Dimple’s Revelation

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Dimple has always been a helping hand to Ajit in his cruel plans of duping the innocent villagers. In one of the recent episodes too, she saved Ajit from getting caught by the police. However, Dimple’s new revelation has turned the tables completely. In the previous episode, Dimple revealed that after hiding the dead bodies, she’s intentionally leaving behind Ajit’s personal belongings.

Though she cited “her safety” being the only reason behind her actions, there’s a definite chance that Ajit might land in trouble amid the fresh investigation that has begun now.

Vijay’s Personal Investigation

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The shock of Manju’s death has brought in a good change in Vijay, he’s trying to find out the real reasons why his wife Reshma ditched him. While we know the reason being Ajit’s misdoings, Vijay is keen to dig in for the real truth and that would definitely land Ajit in more trouble. In the recent episode, he opened up about the same to Namya and Bajya who might help him with his problems.

If these three get along and investigate the truth behind mysterious happenings in the village, they can create problems for Ajit.

Nana Getting Caught

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The police have found a link between Manjula’s death and the missing case of Sanju. And hence, they have caught Nana who was mutually connected to them following the land deal. If he reveals Sanju’s plan of catching Ajit red-handed, the police would definitely investigate the angle further.

These happenings in the story have created a new wave of excitement among the viewers. It remains to be seen how this thriller unfolds ahead.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.


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