Devmanus: Ajit’s Real Identity Of ‘Devi Singh’ Surfaces, A Look At How He Morphed From Compounder To Doctor With Cruel Intentions!

Who’s Devi Singh and what’s his connection with Dr. Ajit? Read how a cunning compounder disguised as a doctor to dupe the innocent villagers.

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February 24, 2021



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Larger than life stories are overrated. Though we seem to be fascinated by them, the true fact is that we all love to watch something more ‘lively’. And there’s nothing better than a nail-biting thriller with twisted characters to keep us on the edge of our seats. These stories not only give us goosebumps but keep us continuously glued to our screens. And we just love these haunting sagas. Similarly, Zee Marathi’s Devmanus has given us the exact feel as we try to discover the story of Ajit Kumar, the evil of the show.

Throughout the episodic saga, we have experienced a lot of twists and turns in the show. And hence within no time, we were hooked to this atypical thriller of small screens. Plus, the recent happenings have brought the drama to its peak point. Ajit’s real identity of Devi Singh is all set to be revealed. So, here’s taking a look at how this crooked compounder transformed into a noble doctor with cruel intentions.

Escaping The Past

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

As essayed in the story, Devi was a compounder at a small clinic in Mumbai. However, he finds himself in legal trouble when the doctor he worked for suspects his involvement in the wrong-doings. Devi ends up severely injuring the doctor and runs away from Mumbai. Eventually, on his way to escape, he finds a farmer and dupes him for money. And that was the way he forged a plan to seek money disguised as a doctor.

Emerging As A Nobleman

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

When he first arrives in the village disguised as a doctor, he helps an old woman with the little knowledge he had of working as a compounder. The old woman regains consciousness and from that moment the villagers named him “Devmanus” (a nobleman). Devi was enjoying his new identity and its benefits which made him stick to his self-created persona of Ajit Kumar.

Series Of Amorous Affairs

A still from Devmanus
Source: ZEE5

While he was making a lot of money in the name of being a doctor, his needs and desires increased. Carrying an image of a renowned doctor, Ajit started laying traps for married women in the village. And when Rupa, his girlfriend gets aware of his misdoings, Ajit stabs her to death. This series of love affairs got him on the extreme wrong side of the law.

This eventually led to many serial killings in the village and Ajit escaped safely every time. However, the recent happenings have got him on the dead-end. Well, it remains to be seen if Divya can make things worse for him or will he land on a safer side yet again.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more updates.

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